British Police to Expand ’98 Percent Inaccurate’ Facial Recognition Program

Ian Waldie/Getty Images
Ian Waldie/Getty Images

British police are set to expand their facial recognition program, which was recorded as being 98 percent inaccurate in London.

According to the Independent, the program will expand “across six locations in London over the coming months.”

The system was used at Notting Hill Carnival and on Remembrance Sunday, with members of the publicly reportedly unaware they were being tracked with facial recognition.

Those who were made aware that facial recognition was being used claimed to feel “uncomfortable.”

“It’s an invasion of privacy and there’s no way around it,” declared one woman, while another added, “If they are doing that, people need to be aware of the reasons behind it. People need to understand what’s going on.”

After facing criticism over the 92 percent inaccurate system, South Wales Police declared, “no facial recognition system is 100% accurate.”

The system was recorded as being even worse in London, with the Metropolitan Police holding a 98 percent inaccurate record.

“Not only is real-time facial recognition a threat to civil liberties, it is a dangerously inaccurate policing tool,” declared privacy and civil liberties advocacy group Big Brother Watch.

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