WATCH: ‘Subway Surfer’ Rides on Outside of NYC Subway Car


A Brooklyn man was caught on camera riding the outside of a New York City subway car bound for Manhattan on Friday morning while riders inside the train watched in shock, according to a video of the incident shared on social media.


Witness Matthew Beary told the New York Post Sunday that the subway surfer jumped onto the side of the C-train’s doorway Friday morning around 8:30 a.m. and held on for dear life as the train traveled one stop from Clinton-Washington to Lafayette Street.

“I’d never seen anybody do it before,” Beary told the Post. “I’ve seen warnings about it on the subway. I just wanted to take the video because I thought it was awesome and also scary as hell.”

Beary, who had been on his way to work, captured the video of the daredevil subway rider hopping on the train’s outer doors while using his cellphone.

Beary said he did not make any sudden moves to startle or anger the man in case the subway surfer lost his grip on the outside of the train.

One woman had her mouth open in shock while another passenger with a Mets hat did not even notice the subway surfer until he disembarked at the next stop, Beary said.

When the train arrived at Lafayette Street station, the stuntman loosened his grip on the doorway and walked into the station as if nothing happened.

Beary’s video has since gone viral since he posted it to Instagram on Saturday. As of Sunday afternoon, his post had been viewed more than 5,800 times.


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