Facebook Blacklists Comedy Video Which Mocks Mainstream Media for ‘Hate Speech’

Mark Zuckerberg
Andrew Harnik/AP

Facebook has blacklisted a comedy sketch video about how the mainstream media twists stories to fit their own narrative, claiming the video is “hate speech.”

“The Fireman” sketch video, created by comedy group DWECK, had amassed 2.5 million views before being removed by Facebook on Sunday for “hate speech.”

In the video, a news reporter on location is reporting on a fireman who just saved a family from a fire, before quickly changing the story to how the fireman is racist after he is revealed to be a supporter of President Trump.

At the start of the comedy sketch video, the fireman is praised as a hero by both the reporter and members of the public. By the end of the video, the fireman has been fired and turned into a villain despised even by one of the men he saved from the fire just moments before.

In a Twitter post, DWECK declared, “We won’t take this sitting down,” and added that people can still watch the video on YouTube.

“We created the sketch to show how mainstream media can twist a story, even when it stars a life-saving hero,” explained DWECK’s president and host Victor Dweck in an email to Breitbart Tech. “Our goal, as is the goal of our upcoming show, is to be so undeniably funny to people on both sides of the aisle that they can laugh together and have a healthy discussion.”

“In 3 days, the sketch reached 5.4M people, was viewed by 2.4M people, shared 36K times, and received feedback that was 98.99% positive,” he continued. “So either there was a massive human error, or somebody at Facebook didn’t like that people were having a conversation.”

Facebook has previously targeted comedy content, taking down a number of popular meme pages, and in February, comedy website Funny Or Die’s Matt Klinman claimed the social network had “completely destroyed independent digital comedy.”

In April, Facebook even suspended conservative comedian Terrence K. Williams for posting screenshots of hate mail he had received from liberal users, while Facebook-owned platform Instagram has also suspended comedy accounts, including “Toughen Up America” and Million Dollar Extreme’s Sam Hyde.

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