Watch: Leftist Tears Down Conservative Posters at University of Washington

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AFP PHOTO/Josh Edelson

A Leftist was caught on video tearing down posters advertising a conservative event at the University of Washington.

The event will be hosted by the University of Washington (UW) College Republican (CR) group on October 18 as part of the Campus Clash tour featuring Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens of Turning Point USA. Kirk and Owens are two leading voices in the conservative youth movement.

CR Chapter President Chevy Swanson, along with CR Vice President Armen Tooloee, put the posters up on Friday to advertise for the event. While doing so, they noticed an individual clad in a red flannel and black leather jacket, standing nearby, observing them.

The individual turned out to be a Leftist who then started to tear down the posters the moment Swanson and Tooloee began to walk away. The two University of Washington College Republicans decided to turn back to confront him while recording the incident.

“Hey bud, you got a problem with our posters?” Swanson asked, as he and Tooloee approached the Leftist.

“Yes.” The Leftist affirmed.

When asked why he was tearing down posters, the Leftist didn’t give a reason, but asked why he was being recorded, instead.

“Well, because you’re tearing down our posters,” responded Swanson.

“That’s not very cool,” added Tooloee.

The Leftist disregarded the conservative students and nonchalantly continued to tear down more posters.

“This behavior is exceptionally common at the University of Washington,” Swanson told Breitbart News, “almost every time we put up posters, they are removed within a few hours. Many UW students can’t even bear the idea of seeing our posters and being reminded of our existence. It’s a shame that so many students feel that it’s important to silence us like this so often.”

A second video posted to the CR’s Facebook page on October 3, shows another confrontation on UW’s campus. Swanson told Breitbart News that this altercation is unrelated to the CR group itself, and was simply something he so happened to witness while walking on campus that day.


“Antifa member tackles street preacher and runs away. After that, a girl tries to steal his sign and falls when he pulls it back. Then her, a purple haired person, and a man in a tophat with a fake English accent claim the woman was pregnant as an excuse for why she should be allowed to attack and steal with no repercussions.” Wrote the CR group, describing the incident.

Unfortunately, incidences in which students destroy property containing words they disagree with seem to be a common occurrence on college campuses across the country.

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