University of Texas Protesters Surround Kavanaugh Supporters, Destroy Signs

UTexas protestor
Facebook/Anthony Dolcefino

Protesters at the University of Texas surrounded students supporting Judge Brett Kavanaugh on Tuesday, shouting obscenities and destroying signs expressing support of the judge.

The student group Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) hosted an outdoor event to support Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court and spark discussion with fellow students on campus.

A video shows one student protester taking and biting a sign that reads “No More Campus Kangaroo Courts In Congress” before ripping it up and throwing the pieces to the ground.

The student then made her way behind YCT’s table and began shoving the club’s Chairman, Saurabh Sharma.

“Are you trying to assault me?” Sharma asked, as she started to shove him.

“This is really a fuck you to survivors! This is a fuck you to every girl that has been sexually assaulted on this campus!” she shouted in reply.

“Our goal was to express support for the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh and reaffirm the importance of evidence when deciding if someone is guilty of an allegation as serious as sexual assault,” YCT’s Vice Chairman Anthony Dolcefino told Breitbart News.

“Instead of engaging in civil discourse and discussing the topic peacefully, an angry, Leftist mob formed and began screaming expletives, shouting verbal threats, and destroying our signs,” continued Dolcefino.

Another video posted to Dolcefino’s Facebook page shows the protesters shouting “we believe survivors” and “fuck YCT” while the conservative students attempted to engage in civil discourse.

The conservative student group published a statement to their Facebook page on Wednesday:

We believe [Judge Kavanaugh] has been victim to a farcical smear campaign intended to destroy his good name and legacy. We wished to engage in good faith dialogue with our peers about this process, however, the campus left had a different idea.

Quickly, a mob formed that was interested in nothing but hurling insults at our members, chanting meaningless platitudes, and destroying our property. One particularly deranged leftist even took a bite out of one of our signs.

The University of Texas has not commented on the incident as of this writing.

Alana Mastrangelo is a contributor at Breitbart News. You can follow her on Twitter at @ARmastrangelo and on Instagram.


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