Indiana University Student Charged After Destroying Pro-Life Displays

Scott Olson/Getty Images

A Left-wing student at Indiana University was charged with disorderly conduct and vandalism this week after he allegedly destroyed a pro-life display on campus.

A left-wing student at Indiana University was charged with disorderly conduct, vandalism, and larceny-theft over an October 4 incident that involved the destruction of a pro-life group’s posters. On October 4, an anti-abortion student group called Created Equal had their posters destroyed allegedly by student Thomas Metcalf. The group is known for putting images of aborted children on their posters.

“You all are pieces of shit and you are harming women! Fuck you!” Metcalf yelled at the student activists as he defaced and destroyed their signs, according to a video purportedly taken of the video.

“Because you want women to be child-rearing surrogates that don’t have any rights, and I fucking hate you,” Metcalf said. “You don’t know anything about biology. You don’t know anything about reproductive health. You people are fucking disgusting.”

Mark Harrington, the President of Created Equal, told Fox News that the left is engaging in “over-heated rhetoric” that leads to conduct like Metcalf’s.

“When leaders of the political left from Eric Holder to Corey Booker to Hillary Clinton are making statements that Democrats should not be civil in dealing with whom they disagree, it follows that abortion activists like Metcalf are going to take those words to heart and act upon them,” Harrington said. “The over-heated rhetoric beginning with the response to President Trump’s election to the confirmation hearings of Judge Brett Kavanaugh have reached an alarming level. It figures that we are being attacked on college campuses.”

Metcalf was initially detained by police after defacing and destroying a series of signs that had been placed by members of Created Equal. A spokesperson for Indiana University told Fox News that campus police appropriately handled the situation, ensuring that free speech can flourish on the campus.


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