Poll: Vast Majority of Americans Think Political Correctness Is a Problem

"The Scream" is globally famous but there are several different hypotheses as to its inspiration

A new research study into the polarization of American politics revealed that 80 percent of Americans view political correctness as an issue.

The study, which is entitled, “Hidden Tribes: A Study of America’s Polarized Landscape,” and conducted by the organization More in Common, painted a picture of the political interests of Americans. The study revealed a wide range of trends throughout the American political landscape. Did you know, for example, that a majority of Americans want the two major political parties to compromise on most issues?

The report also revealed that an astonishing 82 percent of Americans believe that political correctness is an issue. Although Americans as a whole overwhelmingly believe that political correctness is a problem, only 30 percent of “progressives” believe that it is a real issue.

The report includes the profile of a fictional “traditional conservative” that is meant to serve as an archetype for real-life conservatives. The fictional Gregory believes that political correctness prevents America from dealing with important issues.

Gregory believes that political correctness has stopped America from dealing with
important issues relating to race, religion and terrorism. “I define it as lying. Not
saying what you really think. It really hurts everybody. This is why I said I am a big
fan of Trump, because he is not politically correct.” Gregory does not understand why
others sometimes call him a racist. He also perceives Christianity to be under constant
attack, whereas he believes Muslims are “a protected class.” He is thankful for his First
Amendment right to free speech, because he has heard that in other countries such as
the UK and western Europe, you “can’t say anything.”

The report revealed that high-income college graduates are the most likely to believe that political correctness is a good thing. This group is also overwhelmingly secular and left of center on the political spectrum.


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