Louise Mensch Apologizes for Calling Parkland Survivor ‘Russian Asset’ When She Meant to Accuse Socialist Pundit

Louise Mensch

Prominent Never Trump commentator and conspiracy theorist Louise Mensch apologized on Tuesday for calling Parkland shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv a “Russian asset,” and attempting to alert the FBI. She claims she meant to accuse socialist pundit Kyle Kulinski of having Russian ties instead.

In a since-deleted Twitter post, Mensch referred to Kashuv as a “Russian asset,” and tagged the FBI’s official Twitter account, prompting Kashuv to respond, “Forget about talking about which colleges I got into, I, a Parkland survivor, just got called a Russian asset by a notable leftist. She even CC’d the FBI lol… Can’t wait to see the wall to wall media coverage.”

Mensch then apologized, claiming she had mistaken Kashuv for Justice Democrats co-founder Kyle Kulinski.

“OH SHIT. I am so sorry. What a huge fuck-up. I meant to type @KyleKulinski. Of course YOU are not a Russian asset. My profound apologies for the idiotic mis-type,” Mensch declared. “It is @KyleKulinski who co-founded @JusticeDems and who has serially shilled for the Russian state, here attacking @HillaryClinton, and not you to whom I meant to refer. My epic screw up, you have nothing to do with it.”

Mensch, who pitched an ad campaign to Hillary Clinton in 2016 despite portraying herself to the public as a conservative, has become well-known for spreading conspiracy theories and hoaxes, most notably about figures she perceives to be Russian agents.

Mensch has previously advocated for war against Russia, described those who voted for President Trump as “scum of the earth,” and in 2017, on HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher, she claimed America First was “a Nazi slogan being pushed by Russia.”

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