Report: Fitness YouTuber Dies in Police Custody After Stabbing Tinder Date

YouTuber Erich Stelzer, who reportedly stabbed his tinder date and died in police custody.

A fitness YouTuber reportedly died after being tased by police officers who allegedly found the man stabbing his Tinder date.

According to Insider, the “300-pound” 25-year-old YouTuber, Erich Stelzer, “died in custody on Thursday after police found him attacking his Tinder date with a knife and used stun guns on him.”

“The woman, identified as Maegan Tapley, had reportedly met Stelzer on Tinder. She sustained extensive stab and slash wounds and was able to escape when police arrived on the scene,” Insider reported, adding that Tapley is “expected to make a full recovery.”

In a police statement, the Cohasset Police Department declared, “In an effort to rescue the victim and disarm Stelzer, Cohasset Police officers used tasers [sic] to subdue Stelzer… Stelzer was immediately provided medical attention by EMTs. During transport to a local area hospital, Stelzer became unresponsive and was later pronounced dead.”

Stelzer’s father, Harold Stelzer, criticized police officers’ use of stun guns as “excessive,” and proclaimed, “My son was in that house healthy, and 15 minutes later, he’s dead… I want to apologize to the girl who was assaulted, but until I find out from the police what happened, I’m not making any judgments.”

The incident was not the first publicized Tinder date gone wrong, and in July, it was reported that a man used Tinder to rape and murder women in New York over the course of several months.

In 2016, a man in Mexico City was arrested on suspicion of murdering a woman he’d met on Tinder, who was found dead and dissolved in a bath of acid, while in June 2018, it was reported that two Tinder murderers had bought dismemberment tools for their victim while she was still alive.

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