Tinder Date Allegedly Butchers, Dissolves Woman in Acid

Leon Neal/Getty Images
Leon Neal/Getty Images

A man was arrested in Mexico City on suspicion of murder after a girl who he’d met on the dating app Tinder was killed and dissolved in a bath of acid.

26-year-old Emmanuel Delani Valdez Bocanegra was sought by police after Francia Ruth Ibarra was reported missing by friends and family. He was arrested after officers found human remains, including bones and six kilos of flesh, wrapped in bin bags at Bocanegra’s apartment alongside caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, and a bag of Ibarra’s clothes.

The discovered human flesh was DNA matched and confirmed to be Ibarra’s.

Bocanegra allegedly killed Ibarra after she refused to have sex with him following numerous Tinder dates and, according to the Sun, “dissolved her body to make it look like she’s simply run away.”

Earlier this month, 50-year-old Stefano Brizzi was sentenced to life imprisonment after he murdered and cannibalized a homosexual police officer during a Grindr date— the gay equivalent to Tinder.

Evidence used against Brizzi included DNA found on cooking equipment and a pair of chopsticks, which he used to eat his victim. Like Bocanegra, Brizzi also attempted to dissolve the human evidence in a bath of acid.

Brizzi was caught by police officers after neighbors reported “the smell of death” nearby. He also allegedly asked police officers for a shower after he was caught, stating that his bath had “been unusable for days,” before claiming, “I spoke to Satan and he was telling me to kill, kill, kill and I agreed at the first opportunity.”

In January, Metro reported that crimes related to dating apps Grindr and Tinder had risen by 700% in just two years.

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