Viral Instagram ‘Egg’ Was Created by Advertisers

More than 4 million eggs recalled in Poland

A viral egg account on Instagram, which broke the world record for the most likes on the platform last month, was created by advertisers, who chose the egg because it “has no gender, race or religion.”

The egg account, called “world record egg,” is known for a photograph of an egg which managed to become the most liked post on Instagram, receiving over 52 million likes, and beating Kylie Jenner by tens of millions of likes.

According to the New York Times, the egg was created by 29-year-old “advertising creative” Chris Godfrey, who works at the London creative advertising agency, the & Partnership.

After being asked why he decided to choose a picture of an egg in his attempt to win the world record for the most-liked Instagram photo, Godfrey explained, “An egg has no gender, race or religion. An egg is an egg, it’s universal.”

Godfrey also claimed the popularity of the egg account was “completely organic,” without the use of paid influencers, and that its popularity was fuelled by younger users — some of which are technically too young to even use Instagram.

“I think it was perhaps the younger generation,” Godfrey expressed. “In the schools and stuff, it started to spread. It sort of spread through playgrounds.”

The New York Times reported that “Margaret Johnson, chief creative officer of the agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners, only became aware of the egg account after realizing that her 12-year-old son had liked the image. She then sought out more information about it.”

Only those who are over 13-years-old can currently sign up for Instagram.

The egg account has already been featured during an advertisement that played on Hulu during the 2019 Super Bowl, and Jerry Media, the social media team behind the disastrous Fyre Festival, even tried to broker a financial deal between the account and an organization fighting for the impeachment of President Trump.

As reported last week, “Need to Impeach is an organization fighting for the impeachment of President Trump, and Jerry Media wanted the organization to pay $10 million for the Instagram egg to crack and reveal the words, ‘Impeach Trump.'”

Nik Sharma, the head of DTC at VaynerMedia, also claimed to the Atlantic that, “Being the first brand to crack out of the egg is worth at least $10 million,” and even suggested companies “to spend on the egg instead of the Super Bowl.”

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