Mississippi State Professor Uses Exam to Blast Chick-fil-A for Promoting American Values

Chick-fil-A protest
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A philosophy professor at Mississippi State University was caught injecting his progressive politics into his Business Ethics exam questions by basing an exam question on criticism of Chick-fil-A for a “so-called commitment to ‘traditional American values.'”

According to a report by Campus Reform, Mississippi State University philosophy Michael Clifford is injecting his personal leftist politics into the exams that he writes for his “Business Ethics” course. In one question, Clifford blasts fast-food chain Chick-Fil-A for its commitment to American values.

For a period in the 1990’s, the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, a restaurant and gift-shop chain in the Southeast, adopted a policy of firing homosexual employees and refusing to hire homosexuals. The company based this policy on its so-called commitment to ‘traditional American values.’ More recently, companies like Chick-fil-A and Hobby Lobby have adopted similar policies. Fifty years after the Civil Rights Act of 1964, there remain great imbalances regarding jobs, pay, and opportunity for women and minorities. What positive measures might we adopt to reduce those imbalances?

In other questions on his exam, Clifford mentions progressive talking points such as the benefit of “diversity in the workforce” and affirmative action.

Campus Reform revealed that Clifford has a habit of espousing similar views on his Facebook page. In 2017, after the Las Vegas massacre, Clifford called for gun control.

“There are over 30,000 people killed by guns in [t]his country every year,” Clifford posted on Facebook in 2017. “That’s two Las Vegas massacres every day! If you don’t support sensible gun legislation at this point, then you are an accomplice. There is blood on your hands.”

A professor having political opinions isn’t necessarily a problem. However, students claim that Clifford has given students poor grades for disagreeing with his progressive perspectives.

“If you don’t [agree] with his opinion, then [Professor Clifford will] only give you half credit on assignments,” one anonymous student claimed. “I wish I had known beforehand his views so I could write my essay responses tailored to him.”

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