University of Central Florida Student Attacks Pro-Life Demonstration, Blames Hardship of College Life

UCF student allegedly attacked pro-life demonstration
Created Equal/YouTube

A student at the University of Central Florida was outraged after seeing pro-life signage on campus, and reacted by allegedly kicking the signs over. When a police officer arrived on the scene, the student told the officer that he does not understand how difficult it is to get out of bed every morning to start his day, due to the fact that he is not a college student.

“I kicked over their signs, their abortion signs. Do you want me to tell you why I kicked over their signs?” said the University of Central Florida (UCF) student to the police officer after kicking signage belonging to pro-life activists from the organization Created Equal.

“I go to this school, I pay to go to this school, you don’t understand how stressful it is to be a student in college, are you in college?” continued the triggered student, “No, so you don’t understand what it’s like to pull yourself up by your pants to come to school — just to get out of bed.”

The incident was caught on video and shared by Created Equal’s social media accounts on Thursday.

Watch below:

“You do not get to do this to people, you have no idea what everybody is going through,” said the student after kicking down the pro-life signage.

“You have no right to do this to our property,” said the pro-life activist, who then directed his associate to call the police.

“Fuck off, get the fuck out of my face,” continued the student, “I do not care, you do not get to do this to people — please call the police on my black ass, because I got something to say.”

“Stop following me, is it because I’m black?” added the student, as she walked away from the scene, “Are you following me because I’m black?”

“No one mentioned race except for you, ma’am,” said the Created Equal representative, “you’re the only one who mentioned race in this discussion.”

The student then entered a building while the pro-life activists followed. Moments later, a police officer arrived on the scene and began questioning those who were involved in the incident, to which the student replied that the officer did not understand hardship, as he is not a college student.

“We are seeing an increase in censorship and attacks from pro-abortion students,” said Created Equal president Mark Harrington in an email statement to Breitbart News.

“Their surprise when held accountable and the belief that it must be because of their race indicates college campuses have become safe spaces for pro-abortion violence,” added Harrington, “Students and administration at UCF and campuses like it are in dire need of remedial First Amendment training.”

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