Minds.com Event to Proceed Despite Violent Antifa Threats

Antifa members and counter protesters gather during a rightwing No-To-Marxism rally on August 27, 2017 at Martin Luther King Jr. Park in Berkeley, California. / AFP PHOTO / Amy Osborne (Photo credit should read AMY OSBORNE/AFP/Getty Images)

An event hosted by free speech friendly social network Minds.com on racism and political violence will proceed this weekend, despite Antifa threats.

The event was previously set to be held at a theater in Pitman, New Jersey. The theater owner canceled the event after allegedly receiving multiple threats from Antifa, including an alleged threat to burn his theater down.

The Minds.com event has now secured a new venue. The venue will be announced publicly the day of the event.

The event’s lineup includes Daryl Davis, a Christian blues musician famous for using his religious beliefs to engage with members of the KKK, causing many of the white supremacist group’s members to renounce the Klan and racism. Davis will be addressing how to bring racial extremists “back from the edge,” in a one-hour discussion with Minds.com CEO Bill Ottman.

This is the event that the allegedly anti-racist “Antifa,” a far-left extremist movement known for its regular acts of violence against its political targets, is protesting.

As previously reported:

The discussion, titled “Ending Racism, Violence and Authoritarianism,” was organized by the free speech friendly social network Minds.com, and features a range of liberal, libertarian, and conservative speakers including journalist Andy Ngo, who was brutally attacked and hospitalized by Antifa in Portland earlier this year.

Other speakers include British YouTuber and recent political candidate Carl Benjamin, independent journalist Tim Pool, BlazeTV host Lauren Chen, Canadian feminist Meghan Murphy, and many others.

The event will take place Saturday, August 31, with doors opening at 10:45 AM and panel discussions concluding at 7:40 PM eastern time. The venue and addressed will be announced Saturday morning. An after-party will be held at an event near the new venue.

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