Sen. Rick Scott Pens Letter Warning of Chinese Influence on Campus

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Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) penned a letter last week to Florida’s public universities to warn them of Chinese government efforts to undermine free expression on American college campuses.

According to a report by Campus Reform, Sen. Rick Scott is letting Florida’s public universities know that the Chinese government is using its influence to undermine messaging and free speech principles on American college campuses.

In the letter, Sen. Scott asks public university leaders to examine their relationships with organizations that may be funded by the Chinese government. “Have you identified any faculty member or university employee that has shared unauthorized information with a foreign entity?” Scott writes in the letter.

In the letter, Scott argues that Americans should be concerned about Communist China’s attempts to undermine American industry. Scott claims that research institutions, including public universities in Florida, are susceptible to manipulation by Chinese entities like the Confucius Institute.

The most obvious threat is Communist China. The growing influence of Communist China presents a clear and present danger to the stability of world markets, to the security of the United States and our allies, and to the quest for freedom and democracy around the globe. We know Communist China is stealing our technology and trying to compete with us on the global stage. We should all be greatly concerned about what is happening in Communist China as they continue to take steps to try to “win” the great power conflict of the 21st Century.

I recently participated in a Senate Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee hearing titled Securing the U.S. Research Enterprise from China’s Talent Recruitment Plans, and the information presented was extremely concerning. Communist China’s talent recruitment plans pose a significant risk to our research enterprise and our economic and national security. They are stealing our information to ultimately use against us, and we cannot allow this to continue.

Breitbart News has reported extensively on the Confucius Institute, an organization funded by the Chinese government that managed to establish partnerships with dozens of American universities. Many critics have accused the Chinese government of using the Confucius institute to censor American criticism of the communist government.

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for more updates on this campus trend.


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