Michelle Malkin Announces Alternate Venue, Live Stream for Lecture Following UMaine Cancellation

Michelle Malkin
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Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin’s upcoming lecture at the University of Maine may have been canceled with what she calls an “assist” from the school, but that does not mean she is giving up. Malkin now plans to give the lecture at an alternative venue this evening, and the event will be live-streamed by the UMaine College Republicans. After this article was published, Malkin’s second backup venue followed the original venue and the first backup venue in canceling Malkin’s event.

Breitbart News reported on Thursday that Michelle Malkin’s event at the University of Maine had been canceled by the hotel it was to be held at. The cancellation came shortly after the university announced that the UMaine College Republicans were not an official campus organization. Malkin responded that the cancellation came with an “assist” from the university.

Now, Malkin is planning to move forward with the event and it will likely garner a bigger audience than the University of Maine could have imagined.

Both Malkin’s backup venue, the Franco American Heritage Center, and her second backup venue, the Martindale Country Club, have since canceled her appearances. No additional venue has been announced as of this writing.

The event will also be streamed online on the College Republican’s Facebook page.

Malkin confirmed the details for the rescheduled event in a tweet published on Thursday. “Headed to illegal alien sanctuary (OUTLAW CITY) New York City tonight for @NYYRC speech/book signing event, then tomorrow traveling to belly of #OpenBordersINC beast in Maine: refugee dumping ground Lewiston. You can’t put out fire unless you run toward it,” the tweet read.

The original event, which was to be held at a hotel near campus, was canceled after administrators from the University of Maine said that the UMaine College Republicans are not an officially recognized group on campus.

“It doesn’t make sense that public university officials would interfere with a private contract and a private hotel unless they’re trying to prevent the event from happening,” Malkin said in a brief interview with the Portland Press Herald. “If I have one message, it’s that I find that behavior to be incredibly chilling. … I think it’s hypocritical and a disgrace to higher education in America, yet it’s happening everywhere.”

Update — This story has been updated to reflect the fact that Michelle Malkin’s backup venue for this event canceled after Breitbart News’ original story was published.


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