Boston Public School Teacher’s Union Promotes ‘Black Lives Matter’ Shirts in Classrooms

PHILADELPHIA, PA - JULY 26: Supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement stand during rem
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A Boston teacher’s union president has come under fire this week after encouraging Boston public school teachers to wear “Black Lives Matter” apparel to school. The Boston Police Union condemned the teacher demonstration, arguing that “Black Lives Matter” activists make police work “more dangerous than ever.”

According to a local news report, a Boston teacher’s union is facing criticism from the local community over its decision to wear “Black Lives Matter” apparel in the classroom. The teachers were allegedly encouraged to participate in a unified demonstration in favor of “Black Lives Matter” by a local teacher’s union leader.

Boston Police Patrolmen’s Union President Michael Leary penned a letter in which he criticized the teacher’s demonstration. Leary argued that groups like Black Lives Matter have unfairly maligned police officers as “racist” who target “innocent people.”

“Policing has always been a dangerous profession, but groups like Black Lives Matter, by inaccurately demonizing police as racists who kill innocent people, have made policing more dangerous than ever before,” Leary wrote.

Lawyers for Civil Rights Executive Director Ivan Espinoza-Madrigal defended the teacher’s demonstration. “To be clear, Black Lives Matter is not against police,” Espinoza-Madrigal. “It is against police racism and violence toward Black people. Calling Black Lives Matter an ‘anti-police organization’ is at best misinformed, if not deliberately misleading and incendiary. ”

The Boston branch of the NAACP drafted a letter this week in support of Boston teachers that participated in the demonstration.

“There are many police officers who understand the ideals and values behind BLM and align themselves with BLM and other social justice organizations,” the NAACP’s letter reads. “We do not believe BLM is synonymous with ‘anti-police.’ In fact, we believe that BLM is a reflection of the historical mistreatment of Black and brown people in this country, not only by law enforcement but also by a culture that has quietly undermined the value of the lives of Black and brown people.”

Breitbart News has reported extensively on “Black Lives Matter” demonstrations throughout the American education system. Breitbart News reported in 2019 that students associated with “Black Lives Matter” at Yale University were calling on administrators to disarm the campus police.

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for more updates on this story.


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