Texas Christian University Denies Official Recognition for Turning Point USA

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Texas Christian University (TCU) has denied official recognition for the Turning Point USA club on campus. A total of three students who tried to get the club approved have been denied by the school thus far.

The conservative students — who say they have been trying to get their TPUSA group approved since summer 2019 — have been denied by the school a total of three times via three different students who attempted to start the club as chapter presidents.

“As soon as January rolled around, I, as the president, began the process of approval,” TCU student Lauren McCoy told Breitbart News.

McCoy was the third student who tried to get the TPUSA club to be an officially registered student group at TCU.

“The approval process should take three or so weeks,” she added. “Instead, it took nearly all semester until April 15 for them to make their decision to deny my request. I did everything they asked me to in a diligent, respectful, and prompt manner.”

After the students were turned down for the third time, the school informed them that their TPUSA group had been denied due to “sustainability” reasons.

“Sustainability is a reason they used towards their decision of the denial,” McCoy told Breitbart News.

Essentially, the school claimed that it denied the TPUSA group on the grounds that the club might dissolve after senior student members graduate.

“I made an executive board of students ranging from freshmen to juniors who are all active students on campus,” said McCoy. “Of course, the entire point of a student organization is to have the ability to reach out to other students, letting the club be known, and gain members.”

“Naturally, the club would grow, which would also allow for leadership opportunities and new people to fill them,” she added.

Reagan Gates, the TPUSA vice president at TCU, told Breitbart News that sustainability of a TPUSA chapter on TCU’s campus would not be an issue.

“I really feel that the board took the easiest way out by placing blame on past leadership,” said Gates. “What they don’t see is the active involvement of TCU students on Turning Point’s social media. TCU students are excited to be a part of this organization.”

“The real issue is that they are denying a home for the quiet conservatives on campus and hushing our voice,” added Gates. “It’s important to give a space to like-minded students where we can all learn and grow together with our common values. That is something TCU promotes, yet has denied us.”

Cali Bergstedt, a freshman student at TCU who was interested in joining the TPUSA group, told Breitbart News that she feels it is a detriment to TCU to deny the conservative group’s approval on campus.

“TCU is toted as an inclusive diverse community, and with this rejection, this goes against their views and claims,” said Bergstedt.

The school included two additional reasons for denying TPUSA’s approval, according to the denial letter obtained by Breitbart News. One of which, was the claim that the conservative group lacks “diversity of programming.”

“The Student Organizations office looks for a balance between new and unique ideas for organizations and ideas that meet a fairly broad unmet need that is of broad interest to the general student body,” stated TCU in its denial letter obtained by Breitbart News.

“The committee determined your organization did not meet a broadly recognized need that is not currently being met by other similar organizations on campus,” the school added.

Essentially, TCU is making the argument that there are already enough conservative groups on campus, but does not state which other group or groups it is referring to.

For TCU’s third reason in denying its conservative students, the school had blamed TPUSA headquarters, claiming that TPUSA HQ announced the chapter’s existence at TCU prematurely.

“I feel like my free speech has been taken away because the people in charge don’t agree with my viewpoint,” said Alex Lerardi — a fourth student who was interested in joining the TPUSA group at TCU — to Breitbart News.

“A university should be a place for the cultivation of unique ideas,” said a fifth student, Anthony Georgiev. “When we deny charter to organizations due to the views they hold, no matter what those may be, it serves only to undermine the educational value of our institution and we are all worse off for it.”

TCU is not the only school to have recently denied TPUSA for vague and ambiguous reasons. Baylor University has also done so, offering no clear reason as to why it made the decision, other than citing the conservative group’s so-called “methodology.”

“I heard Baylor denied the Turning Point Chapter there as well and I reached out the president,” said McCoy to Breitbart News. “We are both starting petitions on our respective campuses.”

“I have no intentions to throw in the towel anytime soon,” she added.

Texas Christian University did not immediately respond to Breitbart News’ request for comment.

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