Comcast Says It Will Fix ‘Technical’ Glitch that Halted Laura Loomer Emails

Laura Loomer

Congressional candidate Laura Loomer claimed on Monday that Comcast Xfinity has banned her campaign from sending fundraising emails and text messages. After being contacted by Breitbart News, Comcast claimed that it was working with Loomer to resolve the issue with a ‘technical fix.’

In a video shared on social media on Monday evening, Republican congressional candidate Laura Loomer of Palm Beach County, Florida, claimed that Comcast Xfinity had banned her from sending campaign emails and text messages.

“In an incredible turn of events, Comcast Xfinity just banned my campaign from sending out fundraising emails and text messages. Comcast here in Palm Beach County is one of the only internet service providers and sometimes the only one you have available,” Loomer claimed.

“As the Republican frontrunner in my congressional race, I have now been banned. We are getting messages from Comcast saying that my messages are being undelivered because it is ‘dangerous content,'” Loomer added.

Election data published online revealed that Comcast donated at least $2,000 to Loomer’s competitor if she wins the primary, Democratic Representative Lois Frankel (R-FL).

This is not the first issue that Loomer has had with America’s big tech companies. In November 2018, Loomer was banned from Twitter after tweeting about Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN). In early July, Loomer was banned from placing campaign advertisements on Facebook.

“Jared Kushner considered Facebook advertising vital to President Trump’s historic 2016 victory.  Yet for me, I’m the only federal candidate in the nation banned from advertising on Facebook,” Loomer said in July. “My competitor, Lois Frankel is running ads on Facebook to reach voters, and my campaign is shut out. That is illegal election interference.”

On July 6, Loomer filed a petition with the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals in which he urged them to reexamine a class action complaint against social media companies that have censored conservative voices.

In a statement to Breitbart News, Loomer said that she believes Comcast is targeting her campaign as a result of its recent successes.

“This is definitely not a coincidence. I find it to be rather odd that immediately after news reports about my campaign raising a million dollars while being de-platformed and the announcement that political powerhouses from Florida, Matt Gaetz and Roger Stone, endorsed my campaign…that my fundraising texts were blocked by Comcast,” Loomer said.

“Upon further investigation, Lois Frankel is one of only 31 members of Congress that has stock in Comcast. For the last four terms that Lois Frankel has been in Congress, Comcast has also donated to her campaign,” Loomer claimed.

A Comcast spokesperson told Breitbart News on Tuesday that it is working with Loomer to resolve the issue, which it claims is “technical.”

We are reaching out to the campaign and have made a technical fix that will resolve this issue within 24 hours. We are continuously working to protect our customers from potential security threats. In this case, our security platform – which leverages widely used third-party threat-intelligence services – flagged the texting provider used by Laura Loomer’s campaign as a potential threat. Anyone using this texting provider would have had the same experience, not only with our service, but with any security service using similar threat-intelligence lists.  The security alert had nothing to do with the content or sender of any communication.

Loomer’s primary election will be held on August 18 in Florida’s 21st district. She will have to defeat several Republican challengers if she wants an opportunity to face off with Frankel in November.



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