Bokhari: Big Tech Can ‘Turn Down the Volume’ on Entire Movements

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Breitbart Tech reporter Allum Bokhari, author of an upcoming book exposing Silicon Valley called #DELETED: Big Tech’s Battle to Erase the Trump Movement and Steal The Election, appeared on the Brian Thomas Show on 55KRC, warning listeners that Big Tech currently has the ability to “turn down the volume” on entire political movements without anyone realizing.

(LISTEN: Allum Bokhari on the Britan Thomas Show on 55KRC)

“Well this is the really insidious thing,” said Bokhari. “Many of us know about the overt censorship, prominent Trump supporters getting banned from these platforms, grassroots Trump supporters getting banned from these platforms.”

“But the more sinister thing is the stuff you can’t see. The level of precision of censorship is really breathtaking.”

“These companies have figured out that the people who share similar political viewpoints, they’ll often use similar language, link to similar websites, or talk about similar issues.”

“And what they’re doing is, they’re training their artificial intelligence algorithms to recognize how … different types of people talk. And that gives them the ability to essentially turn the volume up or down on entire political movements without anyone realizing.”

“It’s far more sinister than just banning people. If they want to, they can ensure that no-one who is pro-life, or pro-Trump, or critical of mass immigration, or critical of endless foreign wars ever goes viral. Their algorithms are trained to recognize and suppress them before they even get off the ground. And why wouldn’t they use that power? They have the ability, they have the motive, and there’s no law or oversight in place to stop them.”

Bokhari warned that Big Tech will use its power to interfere in the coming presidential election.

“This is going to be the first time, I think, when we’ll see the power of Big Tech deployed in its entirety to stop a candidate from winning.”

“I don’t think they did that in 2016, because, like the rest of elite society, the Big Tech companies were complacent. They won’t be complacent this time around, and we’re really going to see what they can do to manipulate the result.”

“If people want to counteract that, they have to go old-school, and actually talk to people, talk to undecided voters, make sure they get both sides of the story. Because these tech companies are just flooding undecided voters with propaganda”

“If they wanted to, they could stop undecided voters from ever seeing pro-Trump posts or a pro-Trump article at the top of their feed or at the top of their search results. And again, there’s no reason why they wouldn’t use that power this time around.”

#DELETED: Big Tech’s Battle to Erase the Trump Movement will be released on September 22 and is available for preorder HERE


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