Free Speech Platform Gab Announces Facebook Vet as Technical Chief

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Free speech platform Gab has announced Fosco Marotto, a longtime Facebook software engineer, as its new Chief Technical Officer. According to Gab CEO Andrew Torba, Marotto’s hiring will “send a clear message to Big Tech: Gab is here to stay as the home of free speech.”

Free Speech platform Gab has announced Fosco Marotto as the company’s new Chief Technical Officer (CTO). According to a blog post from the company, Marotto was formerly a software engineer, production engineer, and developer advocate during a seven-year career at Facebook.

Marotto reportedly brings 23 years of industry experience to the platform along with extensive knowledge in backend infrastructure and insight that will help Gab scale as it becomes increasingly popular. Fosco stated in a recent Gab blog post:

I’ve always defended free expression on the internet, and I can’t think of a better place to continue that work. Gab has been mistreated and deplatformed by others in the industry, but continues to stand up and move forward, and I really respect that. Now more than ever, we need the ability to express ourselves and speak freely. I’m very excited for the opportunity to help lead Gab to the next level and contribute to the future of free speech software.

CEO Andrew Torba stated in the blog post:

Fosco has been my good and trusted friend for nearly a decade. I can say in good confidence that Fosco wholeheartedly supports Gab’s mission of defending free speech online for all people. I have full faith and trust in his ability to lead Gab Social’s engineering efforts as we continue to grow at an unprecedented pace. As millions of people make the move to they are sending a clear message to Silicon Valley: free speech software is the future, Gab is here to stay, and Gab will continue to be the home of free speech online.

In an exclusive comment to Breitbart News, Torba added: “Gab is the fastest-growing new media platform on the internet. Millions of people from around the world are realizing that they no longer need to depend on the services of Silicon Valley tyrants in order to speak freely online. We are excited to welcome Fosco to our team and send a clear message to Big Tech: Gab is here to stay as the home of free speech.”

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