Free Speech Platform Gab Enjoys Explosive Growth Due to Big Tech Censorship

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Free speech platform Gab has enjoyed a major boost in traffic this year, particularly surrounding the presidential election, and is set to reach over 55 million page views this month. Gab has doubled the number of people visiting the site every week, now visited by 8 million people from around the world.

Breitbart News recently spoke with Andrew Torba, the CEO and founder of the free speech platform Gab. Torba told Breitbart News that the site has enjoyed major growth this year, particularly surrounding the 2020 election.

Torba discussed the site’s growth, stating:

After Big Tech’s election interference and mass censorship Gab has seen unprecedented growth as the home of free speech online. Over four million new people have flocked to our site in the past week alone for a total of eight million visiting weekly. Hundreds of thousands of these folks have also created accounts and are posting actively on Gab.

He noted that the site does not require an account or any information from users in order to be explored and that the site was seeing unprecedented growth outperforming a number of popular online news sources:

As the most pro-privacy social network Gab is not a walled garden and does not require an account or any information at all in order to access and explore the site, which millions of people from around the world are doing.

Gab is on pace to do 55 million+ page views this month putting us ahead of Newsmax, the Washington Examiner, and the Bongino Report among others in the online news race and making us the fastest growing new media website on the internet.

Torba added that when he launched Gab he predicted that social media censorship would only increase, something which Breitbart News has confirmed through its reporting in recent years:

Four years ago when Gab first spoke to Breitbart and launched the alt tech revolution, I laid out our vision to fight back against Silicon Valley tyranny and predicted that the censorship would only continue to get worse.

Today we see Big Tech platforms “fact checking” every post of the President while banning his supporters in droves. After over four years of work building a digital Noah’s Ark to defend free speech online, Gab is finally hitting its stride and we are well on our way to becoming a new media giant that empowers all voices to speak freely and experience the free flow of information.

Read more about Gab and its recent success at the Gab Blog here.

Lucas Nolan is a reporter for Breitbart News covering issues of free speech and online censorship. Follow him on Twitter @LucasNolan or email him at


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