Border Patrol: ‘All Of Our Agents Accounted For’

US Border Patrol Patch
US Border Patrol

MCALLEN, Texas – As federal agencies continue to look into a series of 911 threats where a suspected Mexican cartel member claimed to have kidnapped a U.S. Border Patrol agent, the agency tasked with securing the borders confirms that none of their agents have been kidnapped.

The case started when nine separate calls were made by an unknown man to the La Joya Police Department in Texas reporting a human smuggling attempt and then making threats to the police dispatcher and then finally stating they had kidnapped a federal agent.

As Breitbart Texas initially reported, the U.S. Border Patrol began an accountability protocol to ensure that all of their agents were in fact safe.

After the accounting was done, Border Patrol spokesman Omar Zamora confirmed to Breitbart Texas that all of the more than 3,100 agents in the RGV Sector had been located and accounted for.

While the kidnapping part of the threat has been ruled out, agents with the FBI continue to look into the call which came from the 956 area code; that area code is used for the Rio Grande Valley.

Breitbart Texas got access to excerpts of the 911 call where a man berates a female 911 dispatcher telling her in Spanish that he is going to kill her and then a second time telling her amid a number of expletives that he is going to cut her head off. In another call the same man says they have an American agent and that they would kill him.

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