Inauguration 2015: Texas-Sized Barbecue and Texas-Sized Spirits

Texans enjoying the inauguration barbecue - Photo by Lana Shadwick
Breitbart Texas Photo - Lana Shadwick

AUSTIN, Texas – An estimated seventeen thousand Texans poured out to the west lawn of the State Capital to celebrate the inauguration of Governor Greg Abbott and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick. Spirits were high, and the stars were all aligned. The weather and barbecue could not have been better to celebrate the inauguration.

A Texas-sized barbecue was catered by famous north Texas barbecue restauranteur, Eddie Deen. Deen has catered the last five Texas gubernatorial inaugurations, and he catered President George W. Bush’s inauguration in Washington, D.C. There were 8,000 pounds of brisket, 4,000 pounds of sausage, 70 serving stations, and 200 servers.

Tents and tables were placed all over the west side of the capital, and folks felt comfortable just to sit on the lawn. Breitbart Texas was there to talk to Texans from all over the state. They were here to celebrate the inauguration of Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick and their spirits were jubilant. They expressed great hopes for this administration.

Texas Longhorn Band members - Photo by Lana Shadwick

Texas Longhorn Band members – Photo by Lana Shadwick

Joy Weiner, President of the Republican Women’s Club of Angleton, Texas, said “Greg Abbott knocked it out of the park. I loved hearing him speak of God’s grace and mercy, his gratitude to the people of Texas, and his being a servant of God. His vision of Texas is beyond beautiful.”

Anita Bargas of Angleton told Breitbart Texas that “The man who has single-handedly done more to stop Obama than any other person in the country, has been sworn-in as Governor of Texas.” Bargas, shown in the photo above with Christopher Harvey, Emily Yu, Anna Harvey, and Mary Pugh, were in joyous moods. Harvey is the former Outreach Chair for Brazoria County, and Yu was with Texans for Greg Abbott. The group had worked for Greg Abbott’s victory.

Texas Inauguration Barbecue - Photo by Lana Shadwick

Texas Inauguration Barbecue – Photo by Lana Shadwick

Mary Pugh said “This is a great day to be a Texan, and this is a great event, just awesome! Everyone I love and care about should have been here today to witness this. We have great hopes in our new governor.” Harvey said “We have a great, bright future in Texas!”

Valoree Swanson, former SREC 7 member from Houston, said she has supported Dan Patrick since he first entered into politics, and she was very happy to see him sworn in as Lt. Governor.

John Keating, City Councilman from Frisco City said “I am glad to see the grass-roots activists coming out to support the conservative movement in Texas. I am very optimistic that our voices will be heard in Austin. I have great expectations for the new session and am honored to be present on this historic day.”

Mariachi Band at Inauguration Barbecue - Photo by Lana Shadwick

Mariachi Band at Inauguration Barbecue – Photo by Lana Shadwick

Kay Smith, immediate past President of the Texas Tea Party Republican Women’s Club from Houston, Texas, said “It is a gorgeous day, a gorgeous celebration! We have a Governor and Lt. Governor from Houston – What else could we ask for?! People from Houston know about prosperity and Texas will prosper under their leadership.”

Mabel Simpson, a real estate and litigation attorney from Richardson, Texas, said “I am very excited for a new session to promote business and growing jobs in Texas.”

Naomi Narvaiz, State Republican Party Executive Committeewoman from District 21 and San Marcos, Texas, told Breitbart Texas “This is a great day in Texas – Amazing! We are right on the brink of something big in Texas. Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick are going to bring the leadership we need. We are going to accomplish what we need to accomplish during this next legislature.”

Betty Avery, Chairwoman of the Military Partnership Committee of the Harris County Republican Party and a precinct chair said “This is the strength of Texas. It is Texas coming together, the people of Texas have spoken and we have true conservative leadership and unity.”

Lana Shadwick is a contributing writer and legal analyst for Breitbart Texas. Follow her on Twitter @LanaShadwick2.