Democrats Against Campus Carry: College is For Learnin’ Not for Gun Totin’

campus carry
AP/The Tulsa World/James Gibbard

On March 25, Democratic grandparents and various members of the Texas Tech Student Democrats held a rally of “more than a dozen” people condemning Campus Carry and reminding passersby that college is for learning, not for carrying guns.

According to Lubbock Online, Student Democrat’s Stuart Williams said his group and the small contingent of grandparents had to do something because the idea of Campus Carry is “lunacy.” Although concealed handgun license (CHL) holders already carry guns in Walmarts, gas stations, restaurants, shopping malls, and other venues, Williams doesn’t believe the idea carrying a gun for self-defense crosses over to college campuses and classrooms.

Instead, gun owners have to learn to trust the police, whom Williams says are “adequately trained” at Texas Tech.

These arguments betray a growing desperation on the part of those who are looking for any way they can find to derail what appears to be the certain passage and legalization of Campus Carry in the state of Texas.

In fact, the Texas Tech Student Democrats’ huge rally of “more than a dozen” people comes on the heels of a nationwide denunciation of Campus Carry by Democrats who were blindsided by the way Republican state lawmakers pushed this measure for women’s safety.

For example, on February 28 Slate magazine criticized Republicans for fighting for a women’s right to be armed on campus, describing Campus Carry as a “bizarre, lethal” response to rape. On March 19, Everytown for Gun Safety got so worked up over the pending triumph of Campus Carry in numerous states that they posted a tweet asking whether parents really want to give guns to their ‘drunk’ college daughters? And the very next day, March 20, Moms Demand Action reacted to legislation making it easier for women to carry guns in Michigan by suggesting that concealed carry is wrong for women.

In Texas, Campus Carry opponents have argued that allowing guns on campus for self-defense will drive up the cost of education. The Houston Chronicle claimed it could hurt cancer research. And the University of Texas Student Government voted to oppose Campus Carry out of concern that allowing it would actually hurt campus safety. It was a move that unintentionally suggested the current scenario — where only criminals carry guns on campus — actually improves campus safety.

In light of these things, the Texas Tech Student Democrats’ anti-Campus Carry arguments, though vapid, are not surprising.

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