Jon Huntsman: The Mainstream Media's Unpalatable GOP Candidate


The Mainstream Media knows full well that President Obama and his Democrat Brand happens to be in deep trouble heading into the 2012 elections, so they must find a GOP Candidate that is so unpalatable that Conservatives will find the candidate difficult to swallow and either stay home or vote third party, thus ensuring a second term for Obama and holding on to the Senate. Enter Jon Huntsman.

The MSM is praying that it can once again dupe Conservatives as they did in 2008 with John McCain, who most honest Conservatives like me could not vote let alone stomach because he was no true Conservative, no matter how hard he tried to sell himself as one. Knowing that McCain was a one trick pony they have sought out Huntsman for 2012 and will try to portray him as a Reaganesque figure. Unlike Reagan, Huntsman has evolving views on important social issues such as civil unions, man-made global warming, cap and trade and abortion rights that can appeal to voters across the board in the 21 Century. We will be inundated with puff pieces and push polls on his business experience and ability to work with our largest foreign debt holder China on issues of jobs and trade since he was Obama’s pick as Ambassador to China up until recently, which alone earns he has the experience to bring us out of the Great Recession.

The MSM will also actively search for establishment inside the beltway RINO’s to praise Huntsman as a conscience building candidate, who is moderate enough to pick up disgruntled Democrats and Independent Voters, who have soured on the Obama Brand in the last 3 years. Paid Political Pundits will actively boast that he is the GOP’s one best chance of taking back the White house in 2012 since Obama has proven himself to be a centrist during Presidency as he has been willing to work with Republicans on key issues.

The mainstream media knows full well that so-called Progressive Brand is in major trouble nationwide and that most voters are at the point of ABO (Anyone But Obama) in 2012, so thus with the White House and U.S. Senate and several key Governorships are in play at this point, as well as the one-two future Supreme Court nominations, so the MSM must find a way to suppress or split the conservative voting bloc.

The mainstream media pretty much declared that the 2012 election was over a few weeks ago after President Obama authorized the killing of Osama Bin Laden, but reality quickly sunk in as Obama only received a short dead fish bounce in the approval polls, which only last as long as the next time Americans filled up their gas tanks or brought food at their local store. The majority of voters still disapproved in mass of the President and his party’s handling of the economy, spending and our involvement in the conflicts overseas, so with Democrat Control of 2/3’s of our government on the line the MSM and Progressive Operatives must find and promote the most unpalatable GOP Candidate out there and Jon Huntsman fits their bill.

Conservatives must remain fully aware that the mainstream media and its pundits will encourage Democrats to crossover and try to ensure that Huntsman wins several open primary states in the early going to make him the perceived GOP front runner. Now with that said, conservatives must be remain focused on the fact that our very nation is at stake and we must not allow the hijinks of the MSM and the Democrats to suppress or split our vote in 2012 with the unpalatable Jon Huntsman.


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