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Would MMFA Give A GOP Candidate The Same Benefit Of The Doubt?


Close your eyes. Picture this. It’s 1999. There’s an event for something significant and then-candidate George W. Bush is attending along with a few members of the KKK. Bush & the KKK members are together behind the podium. The first speaker is a KKK leader, then some others, and finally Bush. Also, the KKK arrived there to make it known they endorse George Bush. A photo shows the KKK and George Bush appearing to leave the event together.

Now imagine it’s 2003 and the photos have been made public. Do you think an organization like Media Matters For America would give George Bush the benefit of the doubt? Do you think The New York Times or the evening news would brush it aside? If this was any GOP politician do you think this would be ignored? Absolutely not!

But of course MMFA immediately jumps to President Obama’s defense and makes every excuse for him. So far we haven’t heard anything from the MSM about the photos published at Big Government showing candidate Obama with the New Black Panther hate group.

Matt Gertz at Media Matters For America will say anything to make Andrew Breitbart look like a paranoid crazy man. Unfortunately for Mr. Gertz he only makes himself look like a partisan individual because someone dared to expose his messiah’s radical roots and connections.

According to Mr. Gertz since the Panthers arrived that day to support Obama and follow him around this doesn’t prove a connection between them. This is coming from the same organization that, despite having no proof, likes to run reports blaming Sarah Palin for the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords.

Mr. Gertz also thinks that just because Obama was there with the Panthers and spoke from the same podium doesn’t mean he is associated with them. Yet when a few nut jobs show up at a tea party the ENTIRE tea party is then judged by those few people, regardless whether or not the said nut jobs were plants.

But wait! The photo of Obama & the Panthers actually shows Obama several feet ahead of them so he obviously doesn’t have anything to do with them. Hmm, if Bush was photographed several feet ahead of a few KKK members that would absolve him right? Yeah, I doubt that.

Mr. Gertz adds, “Looks a little different in context, doesn’t it?” No it doesn’t Mr. Gertz. Actually both pictures look the same.

I searched “Obama New Black Panther Party” and see no results featuring the MSM. I search “Rick Perry Rock” and I see results from ABC News, Washington Post, New York Times, Daily Mail, The Huffington Post, MSNBC, and CNN. Why to the MSM is a presidential candidate’s father COVERING UP A RACIAL SLUR BECAUSE IT WAS OFFENSIVE more important than proof of President Obama’s radical connections?


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