CNN's Candy Crowley Picks Up MSNBC's Trial Balloon, Questions Cain's 'Blackness'


CNN’s Candy Crowley and her absolutely shameful interview with Herman Cain over the weekend was yet another piece of evidence that proves my theory that the MSM is involved in one big left-wing conspiracy. They use each other, they work together, and because it comes so naturally thanks to their shared ideology and social circles, they don’t even know they’re conspiring. Trust me, that’s the worst kind of conspiracy, and Journolist was only a symptom of something much more insidious and widespread.

And MSNBC plays a very important role in this.


For the most part, the only emotion MSNBC stirs in me is indifference. Unlike the rest of the corrupt MSM, MSNBC is openly partisan, which means I don’t find their leftism as offensive as the likes of Politico, CNN, and the other usual suspects who disguise their agenda as “objective.” Also, MSNBC bores me. Until around 2002, I would’ve told you Chris Matthews was one of the most fascinating and intelligent talkers on television, but in the past decade both Matthews and the rest of the network have become dumb, predictable, and shrill.

MSNBC does, however, still serve a vital role in supplying ammo for the MSM to use against the right.

Since MSNBC is so marginalized and has so few viewers, they’re able to constantly float narrative trial balloons for their MSM confederates. This, I believe, is why so much shocking stupidity emanates daily from the cable net’s hosts, who simply can’t be as dumb as they appear without receiving a medical directive to wear a helmet at all times. What Matthews, Schultz, Maddow et. al. are doing is trying out different attacks against Republicans and Republican ideas to see what might gain a little traction — which is something only MSNBC can do.

If, for instance, “NBC Nightly News” anchor Brian Williams were to regularly try different shameless attacks against the right, he would lose whatever credibility he has with the millions of viewers who still watch him under the mistaken impression he has credibility. But if Chris Matthews does this, it’s just more red meat for those few hundred thousand rabid partisans who still watch him. Thus, on a daily basis the MSNBC Doo-Doo Crew throws line after line against the wall, which has the double positive of gaining them a lot of attention for their outrageous antics and sometimes revealing a trial balloon with a little air in it.

And when that happens, the MSM jumps.

Which brings me to Crowley’s jaw-droppingly offensive line of questioning to Herman Cain that contained the unmistakable subtext of “you’re not really black.”

If you recall, just a few days earlier, MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell jump-started this narrative in an equally shameful interview.

Herman Cain scares the hell out of the left, mainly because he really is everything the MSM told us Obama was. Cain is successful, competent, charismatic, accomplished, gives a killer speech, and really does know how to inspire. Furthermore, should he win the nomination, the MSM’s well-worn Race Card will no longer be as effective as they counted on it to be. Another worry for the MSM is how well Cain’s been doing these past couple of weeks. Once the Florida Straw Poll win put him in the spotlight, instead of faltering as many do under that kind of MSM scrutiny, Cain seized the moment to further cement his status as a real contender.

Oh noes, what’s a left-wing MSM to do?

Enter Lawrence O’Donnell, who went directly at one of Cain’s strengths, Race Card-killing color of his skin. My guess is that Crowley or one of her producers saw that interview, watched Cain stumble in certain spots (though overall he was superb), and thought, “Hmmm. This might be how we take this apostate out.”

And so when it was her turn, the very Caucasian Crowley decided she would question Cain’s blackness, as well. Unfortunately for her, Cain was ready and not only handled her racially-offensive nonsense with great aplomb, he took advantage of the moment to present himself as unflappable, in charge of the facts, and quite compassionate — just not compassionate in that federal government fashion the left is so enamored with.

Expect many, many more racially-charged attacks on Cain from the corrupt MSM. Cain is what you call an existential threat to Democrats. This is a man who can do more than unseat the MSM’s Precious One. If he were to merely increase the percentage of black Americans who vote Republican to 15 or 20%, they are done as a party. Lawrence O’Donnell and Candy Crowley both know this, and thus…

At all costs, Cain’s very identity as a black man must be stripped from him. He must be turned into a “sell-out,” an “Uncle Tom,” and an “oreo.” We all watched white liberals in politics and the MSM do this to Clarence Thomas, and with the stakes even higher in 2012, they are just getting started on Cain.


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