Correction Request: Nancy Pelosi Revisits Deconstructed "Tea Party Spitting" Lie On ABC

Sunday on ABC”s “This Week” Nancy Pelosi shamelessly repeated the debunked lie that the tea party “spit” on congressmen during the walk to sign the health care law in spring of 2010. The thing is, Pelosi’s story never happened.

We’ve published countless video from a multitude of sources which completely disproves this lie. The NAACP couldn’t keep their story straight initially. When it was proven that the “spitting” incident was a lie, Congressman Cleaver immediately walked back his story. From Big Government:

3. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver DID claim HE was spat on, but then after he and everyone else in the world reviewed the video and saw that errant spittle from a man screaming “Kill the Bill!” is what hit Rep Cleaver, he walked back the charge.

Rep. Pelosi needs to issue an immediate apology to the thousands of Americans she just slandered, again, and ABC needs to follow-up with the correct story and not allow this lie to stand.


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