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Breitbart News Requests Time Magazine Retract Schweizer 'Fact Check'

On Friday, Time Magazine staff writer Kate Pickert published what she described in the title as a “fact check” of Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large and Government Accountability Institute President Peter Schweizer’s reporting on the number of times President Barack Obama

Breitbart News Requests Time Magazine Retract Schweizer 'Fact Check'

Correction Request: Washington Post Uses Falsehood in Romney Hit Piece

In a feature article published this morning, the Washington Post wrote the following about Stu White, a high school friend and classmate of Mitt Romney’s, in reference to an alleged 1965 bullying incident involving of a fellow classmate: [emphasis added] “I always enjoyed

Correction Request: Washington Post Uses Falsehood in Romney Hit Piece

Correction Request: Reuters Publishes False Information About Marco Rubio

Reuters this morning published a grossly inaccurate story on Senator Marco Rubio. Among the eight fallacies: Rubio also voted against Sonia Sotomayor, Obama’s Supreme Court nominee who is of Puerto Rican descent, and more recently blocked the confirmation of another

Correction Request: FishbowlDC's Peter Ogburn Misquotes Michelle Fields

On Tuesday, December 27, FishbowlDC’s Peter Ogburn wrote the following in reference to the Daily Caller’s Michelle Fields’ hour-long appearance with Brian Lamb on C-Span: [emphasis added] As the interview winds down, Lamb asks where Michelle would like to see

Retraction Request: Max Blumenthal Fabricates Herman Cain Quotes

While on Lebanese television, Media Matters ally Max Blumenthal fabricated several quotes and attributed them to Herman Cain. Only Blumenthal knows whether these fabrications were intentional, so as to discredit Cain maliciously, or born of Blumenthal’s poor recollection ability. Let’s

Retraction Request: Reuters Erroneously Reports GOP Tax Hike Deal

Earlier this evening Reuters reported, as per Senator Jon Kyl, that Republicans had agreed to a compromise on tax hikes: They also published an account on their website. They were wrong. Kyle specifically detailed how the revenue would come from

Correction Request: Reuters IDs Weiner as "Republican"

A good catch by Jonah Goldberg, via the PJ Tatler. Reuters incorrectly identifies shamed former congressman Anthony Weiner as a Republican in its latest piece on the #Weinergate scandal: Reuters may be unaware, but Anthony Weiner is a Democrat. We

Correction Request: Inside Higher Ed

In an April 29, 2011 item by Scott Jaschik, Inside High Ed published this false statement provided by University of Missouri professor Judy Ancel: Ancel, the other instructor, said in an interview that she works on annual contracts and that

Retraction Request: Crooks and Liars False Reporting on Wisconsin Doc Story

Earlier this evening several different sources reported that Wisconsin doctors had set up camp at today’s Wisconsin/Scott Walker rally/protest to issue sick notes to union teachers. [youtube zjFbMDp5Pg8 nolink] Karoli, blogging at Crooks and Liars, incorrectly identified the story as

Correction Request: Andrew Breitbart Is Not Gay

UPDATE 2/15 1:32 PM PST: The post has been stealth-corrected. *** UPDATE 11:16 PM PST: Remarkably, this post is still not corrected. *** Earlier today, Philadelphia magazine published an article by Natalie Hope McDonald titled “Coulter Wants to Woo the

Correction Request: CBS Can't Keep Stings Straight

In today’s article “Planned Parenthood Video Fuels Abortion Debate,” CBS News incorrectly reports, “[Lila] Rose has worked with the organization whose undercover videos helped bring down the community organizing group Acorn.” Veritas Visuals compiled the ACORN video exposé; Ms. Rose

**UPDATED** Correction Requests: Who Watches NPR's Watchdog?

UPDATE: NPR published the following correction: Correction Feb. 4, 2011 I stated incorrectly that Andrew Breitbart selectively edited the Shirley Sherrod video that got her fired from the US Department of Agriculture. Instead, he was involved in promoting the out-of-context

Correction Request: Government Radio Invents Facts to Protect Planned Parenthood

Earlier today,, and Breitbart.TV published a shocking video investigation from Lila Rose’s pro-life organization, Live Action, showing a Planned Parenthood employee advising a “pimp” on underage sex trafficking and secret abortions for minors The post had only been