The Media's #RDF, Or 'Reality Distortion Field'

The media is having a field day right now questioning the late Steve Jobs and his “Reality Distortion Field.” Skipping the fact that the deceased makes for an easy target, I find it hilarious that the media is all that shocked at the concept of reality distortion.

Take this popular statement in its many variations: Occupy Wall Street is just like the tea party. Seriously? There’s Reality Distortion for ya, right there, by those in the media who have promised to tell us the truth and put it in the proper context. Have they not seen the destruction of property, public nudity, suspected sexual assaults, riots and near riots, numerous arrests for a variety of crimes? Still, they will continue to compare what they are seeing on the streets today with what we saw at tea party rallies? Reality Distortion Field.

I was watching ABC’s Good Morning America recently and George Stephanopoulos was interviewing Joe Biden. They were talking about #OWS and George was making his statement about how similar the protests were to the tea party movement, and while George was talking, the B-roll footage was showing cops arresting OWS protestors. Reality Distortion Field. Let’s give the benefit of the doubt and say he wasn’t looking at his monitor. I know how difficult that can be sometimes with a bunch of different things going on all at the same time, but still, anybody think George hasn’t seen the video of the anarchy and can’t tell the difference between OWS and the tea party?

Take your pick, my media friends; either you are intentionally lying to the viewers/readers because you can no longer hide your agenda and your disdain for conservative America (and you have given up trying), or you are actually Alice and have fallen down your own rabbit hole, entering your own #RDF. There is no other explanation.

I’ve attended dozens of tea party events. I traveled with the tea party leading up to the November 2010 elections and broadcast events live from coast to coast. I saw zero arrests and zero public outbursts that come even remotely close to what we are seeing with OWS. In fact, what I saw over and over again was this–people like the Prieto family in El Paso, Texas. Check out the video and tell me how the media can get this confused with what is going on in Oakland for OWS. Of course, it’s not just Oakland; pick your American city and the story is similar. The video here seems closer to what I witnessed firsthand while I lived in Northern Ireland in the mid-70’s than it does to the Tea Party. What’s next, rubber bullets? Real bullets? OWS supporters have already called for a “Kent State” moment. The media enabling this OWS “movement” through their unwillingness to tell the truth could lead to matters getting worse. But hey, ratings!

Who can forget when the miserable Senator from New York, Hillary Clinton, accused an American hero, General George Petraeus, of a “willing suspension of disbelief?” In other words, she said he was lying. Of course, she did that because she hated George W. Bush and wanted to destroy any chance America and Bush had of winning the Iraq War. Fortunately for us all, she failed horribly in her efforts. It should be no surprise to Americans with brain matter that it was Hillary who was in her own Reality Distortion Field and the good General will go down in history as one of our most brilliant and effective leaders. Of course, the media were willing participants in Hillary’s Reality Distortion Field.

In the end, while the media seems to marvel at how the late Steve Jobs could’ve been so delusional as to live in his own Reality Distortion Field, they have created their own, and it’s much larger and much more dangerous. Here’s some reality for ya: #OWS=#RDF. Tweet that.


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