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The Abusive Relationship Between #OWS and the Activist Old Media


Isn’t this special? A TV reporter from KPTV in Portland covering the Occupy Freak Street movement declared to those at the rally, “I am one of you!”

The love affair between the media and the Occupy Bizarre Street protesters has been a strained relationship, at best. Certainly, there is no surprise that the Activist Old Media feels a connection with the protesters, you can see it often in the reporting, but oddly it has also been an abusive relationship. Like the drunk husband who beats his wife, these protesters have been pretty tough on their media lovers.

I recently wrote about how protesters in Oakland assaulted a TV news cameraman at KGO.

KATU TV in Portland reported one of its news cameras, valued at $25,000 stolen at an Occupy Thief Street protest.

Also in Portland the KGW TV news crew was berated and shoved at an Occupy Mean Street protest.

The same station also “accidentally” aired a graphic numbering “stinky people” and “angry people” at the protests. They later apologized. This was way too honest for a local TV newscast, but occasionally you have to fight back just a bit.

I also know of many stories of clashes between news crews and protesters that have not been reported. Going out in public with a black eye is embarrassing sometimes.

But, not to worry for people out there who fear that TV news will actually grow some and blast the abusive protesters, any blowback will only be temporary. We can be confident that like the wife who keeps taking the abusive husband back into her home, the Activist Old Media has way too much in common with the protesters, and their relationship has gone on for way too long to have something like this break them up now. Apply a little makeup, the bruises will heal.

I don’t make this comparison lightly, violence is a serious issue wherever it happens. As abusers, many people at these protests are turning to violence as a way to intimidate and control. Maybe these protesters should attend President Obama’s next conference on bullying.

But, have no doubt at the end of the day, both sides in this dysfunctional relationship will kiss and make up, besides, who would the media shack up with next, the tea party?


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