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Wednesday Crib Sheet: Trump Critiques, La Times Announces 'Editor Transition'


– Donald Trump to self: You’re fired.

Chris Moody says that Trump sent him a critique of his piece, linked above:

If this is really his, and Moody has a great poker face, Donald Trump really puts a circle as the dot for his exclamation points? Call him a trainwreck all you want to, but I love that he did this (if he did. I want to so badly believe).

Ace of Spades chews up the author of “My Tim Tebow Problem“:

… while this guy is coming from the Jewish perspective, he is more crucially coming from a liberal perspective, and he’s been taught, as many liberals have been, that Hatred is a powerful and useful weapon, and can be righteously wielded against the Unworthy.


… the idea of a new age of pogrom based upon the Tim Tebow throwing a football seems to be a reactionary one, conceived in hatred, executed in bitterness.

– MSNBC is looking to add more progressives to their echo chamber.

Whoa: Russian blogger harnessing opposition to Putin is emerging as the opposition leader. Ew: He has a dark side. How dark? Think Russian nationalism and neo-Nazism.

– People, learn how to properly DM on Twitter. News of Christiane Amanpour’s departure leaked via Twitter. We covered it here.

Chicago Tribune subscriber sues over rate hike.

– Stories on Newt Gingrich dominating political coverage:

The focus of that coverage was squarely on Gingrich, the former House speaker who has quickly risen to the top of the polls. He was a dominant newsmaker in 47% of all campaign stories studied last week, nearly twice as prevalent the next biggest newsmaker, Mitt Romney.

WaPo poll: was Chelsea Clinton delightful or dull in her debut on NBC?

– Al Sharpton’s blueberry pie? Don’t mess!

LA Times announces a shakeup:


Russ Stanton Stepping Down; Davan Maharaj Appointed As New Editor

LOS ANGELES – December 13, 2011- The Los Angeles Times today announced that Russ Stanton will step down as its executive vice president and editor on December 23, and that Davan Maharaj will succeed him in that position. Maharaj has served as managing editor for news at The Times since May 2008, overseeing the Foreign, National, Metro, Sports and Business departments.

“Russ Stanton has been an outstanding editor for the Los Angeles Times over the past four years,” said Times President and Chief Operating Officer Kathy Thomson. “As he moves on to the next phase of his career, we are extremely fortunate to have someone as talented and experienced as Davan Maharaj who can step in immediately with energy and vision for how to continue The Timesadvancement in the digital age.”

Maharaj becomes the 15th editor of The Times. He joined the company in 1989, working as a reporter in Orange County, Los Angeles and East Africa. His six-part series “Living on Pennies,” in collaboration with Times photographer Francine Orr, won the 2005 Ernie Pyle Award for Human Interest Writing and inspired readers to donate tens of thousands of dollars to aid agencies working in Africa. Closer to home, Maharaj’s investigative report about a probate attorney who inherited millions of dollars in stock, land and other “gifts” from his clients led to changes in California probate law.

Maharaj also served as an assistant foreign editor and was appointed Business editor in 2007. During that time, he revamped the organization’s Business coverage, giving greater emphasis to consumer issues and personal finances. Following his appointment as managing editor in 2008, Maharaj worked with Stanton to help transform The Times newsroom into a fully-staffed, 24-hour operation, delivering news across multiple platforms including digital, mobile, video and print.

“I am humbled and honored to lead one of the most talented and resilient newsrooms in the nation,” said Maharaj. “We’ve made huge strides in getting our journalism to wide and diverse audiences across Southern California and beyond. We will continue to push forward, especially in the digital and mobile space. Our commitment to delivering high-quality journalism remains unwavering.”

During Stanton’s tenure as editor, the Los Angeles Times grew its digital audience significantly; it now reaches more than 17 million unique readers every month. Under Stanton’s leadership, The Times won three Pulitzer Prizes, including the 2011 Public Service Award for its coverage of political corruption in the city of Bell, California.

“I am very proud of what this staff has accomplished over the last four years,” said Stanton. “This is a newsroom filled with dedicated, knowledgeable, and experienced journalists, and under Davan’s leadership there is continued greatness ahead for the Los Angeles Times.


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