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Friday Crib Sheet: Twitter Accusations, Cocktail Weiner


– Jib Jab’s biggest stories of 2011, as told via paper cutouts:

[youtube 2zls4Ao3GyM nolink]

MEMRI: Twitter breaks US law with its indirect support of jihad:

As part of its research, the MEMRI Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor follows the multiple ways in which jihadi groups are using Twitter – “tweeting” news flashes, reporting attacks, battles, and other operational activities, and sharing videos, and more.

Jihadi groups’ use of Twitter is part of their online media strategy of taking advantage of Western websites and technologies, uploading videos to YouTube and to the Internet Archive, creating official Facebook pages, and other methods. Jihadis have come to depend on free web hosting, where content can be uploaded anonymously, reliably, and at no cost.

Headquartered in San Francisco, California and with servers in San Antonio, Texas, Boston, Massachusetts, and New York, Twitter is increasingly being used by terrorist organizations and their media outlets. Their online followers are growing in number.

– The Spectator takes apart the Guardian for this headline: Say what you will about North Korea, at least they’re authentically Korean:

And, as a commenter at Samizdata notes, it’s not as though Winchester’s hideous admiration for North Korea qua Korean culture is in any way accurate either. There’s precious little “authentically” Korean about the Kims’ dreadful totalitarian prison. Most of it is borrowed from the USSR and China, albeit then lacquered in the vulgar Pyongyang style.

Chris Matthews: Hey, c’mon guys. Cut JFK some slack on his adultery.

– Ohhh New York Post:


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