British Media Provides Better Obama Coverage Than American MSM

British Media Provides Better Obama Coverage Than American MSM

It’s been known for years that the US media has decided not to do its job when it comes to vetting Barack Obama, but when the British media is out there reporting critically on this White House on a daily basis, the contrast is startling.

If the Activist Old Media in this country had the ability to be embarrassed, they would cower in the corner over the way the British media pounds them on Obama coverage.

The American media chooses not to report these stories; it’s not that they are getting “beaten” on them. Of course, that fact makes this much worse.

Dr. Tim Stanely of the UK Telegraph reports this week on the issue of President Obama’s latest revelations of his “composite” girlfriend and the stories of him eating dog in Indonesia. In the last paragraph of his column, Dr. Stanley says these issues should’ve been brought out long ago, since Obama wrote of them in his book:

That we are only discussing them this late into Obama’s career suggests that the vetting that should have happened four years ago was unforgivably neglected. But, hey, it’s never too late to start.

We’ll see about the media and when/if it actually decides to start vetting this president. I have heard from many of my media friends that the vetting of Obama was already done, so it is not needed now. Of course, he was not vetted during the last election because the media did not want to vet him for fear of what they might find; and besides, all their crews were in Alaska looking under rocks, glaciers, and inside igloos for Sarah Palin dirt.

Another big story this week, reported by the British and ignored by the US media involves Navy SEALs voicing their disgust over Obama “spiking the football” on the killing of Osama bin Laden. Perhaps you heard, this week was the One Year Anniversary of the New National Holiday Honoring Obama For Shooting and Killing bin Laden. It’s been in the news. This story about the Navy SEALs was not in the news, at least not here in the US. This story was in the UK Daily Mail Online. Perhaps the US media has forgotten that there is an internet and we can get these stories from the British media just as easily as we can get theirs. Click.

Of course, the US media is trying to control what we know and when we know it. They had been planning this Obama Celebration of The Killing of bin Laden, National Day of Honoring Dear Leader for weeks, and they didn’t want anybody ruining this party. Certainly not some British “rag.”

This was the president that the world was going to love and people across the planet were going to worship as do the leftists in this nation. With the US media willingly in lock-step with the regime, the international media certainly would follow, and the entire planet would bask in the glow of a Supreme Leader who would save us all from whatever we need to be saved from during the next 24 Second News Cycle. Seems the British media didn’t get the memo.


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