Media Teams With Obama Campaign to Intimidate Super PAC

Media Teams With Obama Campaign to Intimidate Super PAC

What we’re learning today is the way in which the corrupt media intends to work with the Obama campaign to silence political free speech via super PACs, and that’s sheer intimidation. 

As of right now, all of the MSM is in full passive-aggressive outrage mode over this New York Times story about a plan proposed to a super PAC that will finally do what the media refused to do in 2008, and that’s to give President Obama’s creepy, 20-year relationship with Reverend “God damn America!” Wright the attention it deserves: 

The plan, which is awaiting approval, calls for running commercials linking Mr. Obama to incendiary comments by his former spiritual adviser, the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., whose race-related sermons made him a highly charged figure in the 2008 campaign.

Stop the tape: “race-related sermons”?  What a lovely way to put it.

“The world is about to see Jeremiah Wright and understand his influence on Barack Obama for the first time in a big, attention-arresting way,” says the proposal, which was overseen by Fred Davis and commissioned by Joe Ricketts, the founder of the brokerage firm TD Ameritrade. Mr. Ricketts is increasingly putting his fortune to work in conservative politics.

The $10 million plan, one of several being studied by Mr. Ricketts, includes preparations for how to respond to the charges of race-baiting it envisions if it highlights Mr. Obama’s former ties to Mr. Wright, who espouses what is known as “black liberation theology.”

Somehow, the Times got hold of this and, in their oh-so beard scratching, elbow patched way, is fronting the article as if it’s merely a presentation of the facts. But the subtext that this Reverend Wright campaign needs to be stopped before it even gets going is obvious; and the rest of the media is, as always, eager to take the Times’ lead.

Soon after the story was published, Senior Obama Advisor, David Axelrod, took to Twitter to hit Romney with prepared talking points:

Stunning! Will Mitt stand up, as John McCaln did? Or allow the purveyors of slime to operate on his behalf?

Now that he’s been armed by his allies at the Times, Axelrod’s obviously hoping to rerun the 2008  campaign wherein, with the help of the media, what should be seen as an Obama liability is turned into a liability for his opponent.

Romney, however, has wisely come out against the proposed Wright campaign. By law, he can’t control or influence  what a super PAC does, so if they go ahread, Romney can now shrug and go back to blasting Obama on his failed record. 

Regardless, the fear here from both the Obama people and their media allies is palpable.  

Barack Obama is a sitting President of the United States who was not vetted in 2008. Moreover, any attempt at looking into Obama’s past (and even his failed record as President) has always been met with charges of racism from both the media and the White House. And now, once again, what we have here is the Times leading with this story and the rest of the media running with it in an obvious attempt to terrify those planning to do the job MSM won’t.  

What more could David Axelrod ask for? The MSM leaks the story before any damage is done by the actual campaign and Romney somehow gets blamed.   Win-win.

Why else would the media make such an issue of a plan that’s only been proposed and then make damn sure we all know the name of the man behind the super PAC, Joe Ricketts, and that he’s a member of the family that owns the Chicago Cubs. The other subtext here is a message to the grassroots to use the Cubs to start a boycott.

This is pure, undiluted media intimidation.

And why should we be surprised? Just yesterday, Maggie Haberman of Politico took it upon herself to publish oppo-research on a private citizen who dared appear in a Romney ad.

These are wicked people willing to do anything to win Obama a second term.

What’s most outrageous, though, is that the same media campaigning to terrify a private citizen into not enjoying his God-given right to use his own money to vet what the President did as an adult, is the same media that just went on a two-day narrative spree over a now-discredited story about what Romney did a half-century ago in high school. This is also the same MSM that you can bet will do a forensic vetting of all things Mormon before the campaign is over.

Also, the media is terrified — not only of the Reverend Wright issue they downplayed to death — but of the fact that the Citizens United free speech victory in the Supreme Court now gives everyone unlimited political speech, not just pro-Obama super PACS disguised as the media. 

Get on Twitter. Fight.


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