Media Ties Romney to Trump But Not Sharpton to Obama

Media Ties Romney to Trump But Not Sharpton to Obama

As I mentioned in my piece this morning examining the organized narrative the media built over the weekend to aid Obama and damage Romney, the primary push was going to be to tie Romney to Donald Trump. Because Trump is still pushing the discredited “birther” conspiracy surrounding Obama’s place of birth, the corrupt media feels it can hurt our likely GOP nominee by either tying him to a “racist extremist” or by threatening him with this distraction until he backs down and repudiates Trump.

It’s an old and obvious trick and just a few minutes ago the basement-rated CNN assumed its favorite position — shilling for Obama — with this. Note the chryon: Romney supporter under fire for “birther” comments.

The rationale behind the media drawing a direct line from Romney to Trump is that Romney has met with Trump, accepted his endorsement, and won’t distance himself from the famous billionaire.

But as is always the case, the media’s double standard is a glaring one. After all, Al Sharpton is a proud and open Obama supporter, Obama has met with Sharpton, and Obama hasn’t distanced himself from the MSNBC’ racial demagogue — who just this weekend made headlines with this: Republicans Want To ‘Wipe Out Innocent People’ Like ‘Hitler’s Germany’.

And this is the least of the hateful, racially divisive things Sharpton says on a disturbingly regular basis.

And yet, as recently as Easter, Obama invited Al Sharpton to the White House. In April, Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, publicly praised Sharpton.

Never once, though, has the media ever coordinated and dedicated — as it did today — a full day’s narrative push to damage Obama with what his ally Sharpton has done or said.  

These are the games the media intends to play throughout this campaign. This is all about getting Obama reelected with distractions, guilty-by-association, and nonsense narratives that suck all the oxygen away from any conversations surrounding Obama’s failed policies.

Furthermore, this isn’t a double standard on the media’s part, it’s a political tactic.


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