So, What DOES It Take to Get Fired By CNN, Fareed Zakaria?

So, What DOES It Take to Get Fired By CNN, Fareed Zakaria?

Just before Mitt Romney’s pick of Wisc. Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate, CNN commentator Fareed Zakaria got himself in a spot o’ trouble when it was discovered that he had plagiarized a piece he wrote for TIME magazine. He also posted the same plagiarism at CNN.

As Friday wore on, CNN and TIME both went from “no comment” to suspending Zakaria, a journalist praised for his perspective on foreign policy. But why was he not fired outright? What does it take to get fired in the lefty media?

In any case, as we await Zakaria’s final journalistic fate, this is a good time to remind readers of just how far left Zakaria is. As a journalist he’s always been a reliable left-winger and he is most especially known for his anti-Jewish sentiment.

Here are just a few examples of his bias:

Fareed Zakaria really doesn’t bring anything other than typical, European-styled leftism to CNN or TIME magazine. He plainly does not understand the U.S. Constitution, he’s hostile to Israel, and he disdains American conservatism. There’s just nothing special about him as nearly every other TIME and CNN employee is just like him.

But it might be special that he’s a plagiarist. Of course, anyone else would have been fired immediately, yet Fareed has been given a lot of leeway. Let’s see if TIME and CNN quietly return him to his position or not.


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