IG Horowitz Contradicts Old Media on Fast & Furious

IG Horowitz Contradicts Old Media on Fast & Furious

The media once again proves they are in the bag for President Obama’s administration. The Inspector General finally released the long awaited report on Operation Fast & Furious. The media were quick point out the report exonerated Attorney General Eric Holder.  There’s only one problem: the report does not exonerate Mr. Holder.

Fast & Furious was a gun walking scheme set in place by the government that allowed guns to walk into the hands of already dangerous Mexican drug cartels.  People used these guns to murder Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and over 300 Mexicans. No one in the Department of Justice has been held accountable. People have been allowed to resign quietly or reassigned to another position.

About 20 minutes after the report was released Mr. Holder did a victory dance. He thought this report let him off the hook completely. After all, as Cameron Gray at NRA News tweeted, what’s more important than anything else? Vindication. It doesn’t matter that there are bodies attached to the operation.

The Old Media was more than happy to follow Mr. Holder’s lead and make that the main point of the report.  They should have waited.

Right now IG Michael Horowitz is testifying in front of The Oversight Committee and he has repeated many times that his report does NOT vindicate Mr. Holder. There are plenty of criticisms of Mr. Holder in the report, especially when it comes to Agent Terry’s murder. Mr. Holder said he didn’t need to know if the weapons used to kill Agent Terry were connected to anything. However, everyone around him, including his own chief of staff, said if that information was made available, Mr. Holder should have been notified.

It’s also worth noting that for the first time a Fast & Furious story is on the front page of The New York Times. Of course it’s on the front page because Charlie Savage falsely claims the report exonerated Mr. Holder. 

The Old Media at work. 


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