Lying is The New Normal

Lying is The New Normal

Heaven help us.

This president just goes out there and says whatever sounds good at the moment, and the Activist Old Media watches from the sidelines, or often, encourages the deception. 

Or, I could use the harsh word and call them all what they really are—-lies. 

Libya leads the list right now. Barack Obama and his volunteer super PAC, the media, continue to blame a movie for attacks that clearly were premeditated. What the White House is saying about the attacks in Benghazi do not add up and the media chooses to not connect the dots. How about “Obama lied, people died?” The Obama Administration has given so many dishonest statements about that attack that it’s hard to keep track anymore. 

The Middle East is blowing up right now and the media go after Romney for wanting fewer Americans dependent on government. Bizarro land. 

Harry Reid said Mitt Romney didn’t pay taxes for 10 years. He can parse his statement by saying somebody told him this, but when you’re a US Senator, and the leader of the Democrat Party in the Senate, you must be held accountable for your words. Romney has paid more than 20% in taxes over the last 20 years and paid more taxes than required in 2011. Bearing false witness is one of the Big 10. 

The unemployment numbers are as fraudulent as they come. 8.1% is bad enough, but to get to that lying number, millions have been taken out of the job market. Just erased. Of course percentages would go down if you declare millions have just stopped looking. This is nothing more than a flat out lie and the Obama administration and his Activist Old Media are complicit. If you take same number of people out there in the job market when Obama took office the unemployment rate would be 11.5%. Let’s see the media use the real number and then project what would happen at the polls.

Speaking of polls, the media constantly over samples Democrats to a large degree in their polls. Much larger than anybody believe will actually vote, but they do it to show Obama with the lead that they so desperately want him to have. Lies. 

Obama blaming Bush for Fast and Furious during an interview with Univision. Lie. To his credit, Jake Tapper exposed this online, but where are the junk yard dogs out there who will not let Obama get away with this? 

Obama also said people were held “accountable” for this “field level” operation. Both are lies. Eric Holder has lied so often in this issue that it’s hard to keep track anymore. They still haven’t asked Obama who authorized Fast and Furious. It’s almost like they don’t wanna know. Actually, they don’t wanna know—until perhaps after the get him elected and then try to restore their credibility and go after this deadly operation that is filled with dishonesty at the highest levels of government. I would say it’s as bad as the Nixon-Watergate lie, but nobody died during Watergate. #WorseThanWatergate.

Never forget, this same media spent four years going after the Bush administration for supposedly leaking the name of a CIA agent, that was actually leaked by an anti-Bush member of the State Department, and they knew it. Deception.

Since Dear Leader took office the media has been doing stories on how the economy is recovering. This is the same media that spent the last two years of the Bush administrating trying to convince us how bad things were. With a Republican in the White House they talk disaster, a Democrat in the White House they talk recovery. America aint buying these lies. 

No, by the way, it is not equal on both sides. This is not a case where you can say all politicians lie. This administration has taken deception to a new level. 

The Obama administration and his friends in the media are hoping lying is the new normal.


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