Chuck Todd, Ben Smith Lament Lack of Trust In Institutions They Helped Destroy

Chuck Todd, Ben Smith Lament Lack of Trust In Institutions They Helped Destroy

There was some entertaining crybabying over the weekend. Very entertaining. Apparently, two of America’s most dishonest and disreputable journalists are pretty upset over the fact that Americans no longer trust the government and the media.

This Sunday on “Meet the Press,” Todd was all pained over *gasp* Americans’ growing suspicion that a government institution would release counter-intuitive unemployment numbers beneficial to the president just 30 days out from an election.

According to the Huffington Post, at times Todd was so upset, his voice “grew shaky“:        

Todd interrupted. “This is really making me crazy,” he said. “The Federal Reserve gets questioned now for politics these days, the Supreme Court, John Roberts. We have corroded.”

Todd lowered his voice, which grew shaky. “What we’re doing, we’re corroding trust in our government in a way, and one time responsible people are doing to control it. And the idea that Donald Trump and Jack Welch, rich people with crazy conspiracy, can get traction on this, is a bad trend.”

First off, why would we trust any institution with someone as dishonest as a Chuck Todd for a  character witness?

Chuck Todd isn’t just a bad or biased journalist. He never stops lying through omission (just watch his deplorable MSNBC show), he makes things up, encourages Occupy protests against Republicans, and is a despicable race-baiter. But what it all boils down to is that Todd is a Palace Guard for The State. And because Democrats and, more specifically, Barack Obama, worship The State, Todd also sees it as his mission to protect them at all costs — even the truth.  

Just the fact that Todd is an elite member of the very profession that should be most skeptical of governmental institutions, but instead gets “shaky” over the fact that others are skeptical of it, is highly revealing. In just a few sentences Sunday, Todd bares a soul that reveals his true agenda: to protect The State.

Todd is also too stupid to understand that his unwillingness to question and investigate Obama’s government has a lot to do with America’s growing distrust in it. No one trusts that which isn’t being watch-dogged. As overheated as the media was to nail Bush, we could at least rest easy in the knowledge his government was being watched.

It’s just a fact that today our corrupt media is infinitely more interested in Romney’s taxes than the hundreds of millions of unreported donations Obama’s hauling in; statements by Todd Akin get a hundred-times the coverage of Fast and Furious; the timing of something Romney said is a bigger story than security lapses in Libya and the ensuing cover up; our failing economy gets less coverage than Romney’s real and invented gaffes; the president’s despicable race-baiting in ’07 is written off as old news by the same corrupt media that attacked Romney for cutting a guy’s hair 50 years ago.

Hey, Chuck, don’t cry. You simply cannot expect us to trust a government whose watch dogs have been so obviously bought off and co-opted.



Over at the anti-gay Buzzfeed Politics, of all people, Ben Smith is torn up over the fact that people don’t believe in skewed polls or perfectly timed (for Obama) unemployment statistics that make no logical sense or a media that blindly bows down to both:

More of the 2012 cycle’s descents into fantasyland — the unskewing of polls and BLS paranoia most obvious among them — have featured Republicans than Democrats, prompting some on the left to argue that American conservatives have a particular hostility to reality. And certainly, the conservative movement has long nourished more skepticism of the mainstream media and of some forms of government authority than has the left.

Again, why would anyone believe in any  institution with someone as unscrupulous as Ben Smith for a character witness?

Other than the corrupt Politico, over the last four or five years, no one has done more to destroy journalism than the BenSmithiest BenSmither in the history of BenSmithing — Ben Smith.

Smith’s entire reason for being —  which is now on steroids with his staff of BenSmithers-in-training — is to kill anti-Obama narratives and to troll Romney and Republicans to death with nonsense-distractions. Ben Smith isn’t just a degenerate left-winger who disguises himself as a “journalist” — from an objective viewpoint he’s helped make journalism even smaller and more petty than it already was. Smith is only about amplifying and weaponizing The Stupid and Meaningless to damage Republicans and protect Democrats.  

One of Smith’s primary calling cards at BuzzFeed is dredging up old videos of politicians, and yet he was among the first to call Obama’s 2007 race-baiting video “old news.” Rather than take even a few minutes to question Friday’s jobs numbers, Smith’s BenSmithers ran this headline against one of the most respected CEO’s in American history because he dared to. This is bigger news than Obama’s 2007 race-baiting, and until an update (that was really a correction) was added — this was a bald-faced lie.

And those examples above are just from last week.

I could go back in time and run out of Internet detailing Smith’s smallness, trolling, lies, and Palace Guarding.

Ben Smith is the Lex Luthor of dishonestly bad journalism, the arch-villain of everything wrong with the media today. And now he’s all anguished over the pile of rubble his work and example created.

In the end, it’s kind of nice to see Todd and Smith reduced to whining, especially when you consider the fact that they’re really not pleading for us to trust government and media. What they want is for us to again trust them — their biased reporting, dishonest polls, and who they are as men.

Well, I’ve got a couple tips for them….

1. If these two shills want us to trust government again, I suggest they start holding government accountable regardless of which party sits in the Oval Office.  

2. If these two hacks want us to trust the media again, they can start by looking for another line of work.


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