HuffPo: '15 Most Overrated White People'

HuffPo:  '15 Most Overrated White People'

The Huffington Post, ever eager to curry favor with anti-American pundits and racists posing as free-thinkers, has published a screed by Marc Lamont Hill, who is a black professor at Columbia University, titled “The 15 Most Overrated White People.” Keep in mind that this is a man who not only praised convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu Jamal, but published Jamal’s writings, and also was accused of supporting Fidel Castro and Khalid Muhammed.

So who are some of the people on Hill’s list?

Christopher Columbus, described as “an immoral treasure hunter” and a “vicious conquistador.”

Elvis Presley: a “cheap facsimile of Little Richard.” Spoken like a true racist.

Ronald Reagan: “largely responsible for shutting down mental hospitals, bloating the military, shrinking benefits for the needy, sparking mass incarceration, and declaring ketchup a vegetable for our children’s school lunches.” Also closing down the Soviet Union and rescuing the American economy, you moron.

Tim Tebow: noting that Tebow had some lousy quarters, Hill stated, “Black men throw interceptions; White men are “gunslingers.” No one said Tebow was a great quarterback. What made Tebow great was the ability to win games but never lose his moral stature.

Babe Ruth – “While there is no doubt that Babe Ruth was the most dominant player of his era, he was also the beneficiary of smaller playing fields and a segregated league. It may be cliché to say, but there’s little doubt that Ruth would have lower career numbers if he had been forced to face Satchel Paige and his peers on a regular basis. Nevertheless, The Babe, rather than Hank Aaron or Willie Mays, continues to be the most celebrated figure in the history of the sport.” Hey, ignoramus, ever look at Ruth’s pitching record? He was also the dominant pitcher of his era.

And unbelievably and most egregiously, Shakespeare. “Unfortunately, thanks to sycophantic critics and narrow-minded educational systems, Shakespeare is the only person who seems to matter to the average person … we ignore the fact that many aspects of Shakespeare’s work — such as the writing in Hamlet or the generally narrow range of female roles in his plays — just aren’t that awesome.” This guy is saying Hamlet isn’t great? Does Hill even understand the English language and its intricacies? You have got to be kidding me. Refusing to call Hamlet great just makes you look like an idiot.

There are others on the list who deserve it (Bill Clinton and Justin Bieber come to mind), but this column is just one more instance of a black racist venting his fury on the people who have largely civilized the modern world. Are there whites who are overrated? Sure.  But if Hill really wanted to be truthful, he could have added one to the list: Barack Obama’s mother.


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