Poll: Media Ignore NRA and Its Ideas as Popular as Obama

Poll: Media Ignore NRA and Its Ideas as Popular as Obama

According the latest Gallup survey, which was taken after the Sandy Hook murders and Wayne LaPierre’s press conference, the NRA, despite being demonized 24/7 in the media, enjoys a favorability rating of 54%. Today, according to Gallup, Obama’s approval rating sits at 53%.

Moreover, only 38% of those polled have an unfavorable opinion of the NRA. Obama’s disapproval rating sits three points higher at 41%.

Part of the reason the White House, Democrats, and the corrupt media are losing their battle to marginalize and destroy the political power of the NRA might have to do with the fact that a new CNN poll released today shows that an overwhelming majority of the America people agree with the NRA’s proposal to put armed guards in schools, 54% to 45%.

This same polls shows that, while a similar percentage of Americans favor stricter gun laws (55% to 44%), a full 61% do not believe those laws would reduce violence. Only 39% do believe they would. Though there is no polling on this I can find, my guess is that more people believe armed guards in schools would reduce violence than what they see as meaningless gun controls. In other words, the American people likely see the NRA’s proposal to stop these mass shootings as more meaningful than Obama’s.

Right now, the media is manufacturing a reality that says the American people consider the NRA a bunch of freaks who put on a freak show during that press conference with their freaky ideas about putting armed guards in schools.

But like most everything else coming from our media, it’s all a left-wing con.


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