CNN Becomes 'The Piers Morgan Channel'

CNN Becomes 'The Piers Morgan Channel'

The big promo at CNN Wednesday is this announcement: “‘Guns Under Fire: a CNN Special Report,’ All day today.”




Yep, all day today, CNN is becoming The Piers Morgan Channel as the incredible-shrinking-cable-news-network tries to out-MSNBC MSNBC with a 24-hour gun control push.

As cynical and distrustful as I am of the media, even I am surprised newly-installed CNN chief Jeff Zucker would pull a stunt like this. Time Warner probably thought they were hiring the wunderkind who delivered the heyday of The Today Show — who they got, though, was the dope who manufactured the Jay Leno/Conan O’Brien/Tonight Show debacle.

Zucker just doesn’t seem to understand that he inherited a “Most Trusted Name In News” network that is no longer trusted. So what does he do? He turns his entire network over to Piers Morgan, Barack Obama, and Dianne Feinstein.

Zucker also doesn’t seem to understand that he is not going to win anyone away from MSNBC.

From what I have seen on CNN over just a couple hours — shooting victims pleading for gun control, official-looking men in police uniforms demanding universal background checks, and CNN anchors slobbering over both — today might end up being the most shameful day in the network’s history.

What I haven’t seen, however, is anything about the increased poverty rate, the jobs crisis, the crash of the labor participation rate, the abortion doctor on trial for murder, the Benghazi survivors… Think we will see a day devoted to any of those issues any time soon?

It is not CNN; it is GNN — the Government News Network!



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