'Cosmopolitan' to Push Obamacare on Readers

'Cosmopolitan' to Push Obamacare on Readers

Barack Obama has been reaching out to all sorts of non-government partners in a renewed effort to push his Obamacare law. The President’s latest Obamacare-pushing partner will be the famed women’s magazine, Cosmopolitan.

In its fall issues, Cosmo will begin to publish multiple feature articles extolling the virtues of Obamacare, inform readers on how to sign up, and will celebrate the many benefits they might realize by accepting the all-encompassing law.

The magazine’s editor-in-chief, Joanna Coles, says that she feels her role as Obamacare flack is pivotal. “This stuff is really important. It’s life-changing for a lot of people.”

Lifesitenews.com also reports that the Cosmo website and social media sites will also be infused with Obamacare advertisements.

The women’s magazine is not alone. The President has been reaching out to many forms of entertainment enlisting them as Obamacare peddlers.

On June 24 reports surfaced that the Obama administration was trying to cajole the National Football League into selling Obamacare. The NFL later rejected those overtures, but only days before that the NBA was also contacted about becoming an Obamacare advocate.

Additionally, the president is enlisting the aide of a long list of Hollywood celebrities to fan out from Tinsel Town to become Obamacare evangelists.

Not everyone has been receptive to Obama’s entreaties. Earlier in May, Obama’s Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, came under fire for attempting to cajole private business into donating money to help her implement Obamacare.


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