Drown the Racist Terrorists!: Media Ramp Up Rhetoric Against Right

Drown the Racist Terrorists!: Media Ramp Up Rhetoric Against Right

With the government shutdown now entering into its third week, the frustration and rage among the media elite is manifesting itself in ways above and beyond the usual-usual hostile coverage. Just two years after launching the New Tone-era, media elites are now openly wishing conservatives dead while comparing them to terrorists, criminals, and segregationists.

Already this week, a Politico writer suggested that the world would be better off if we were to drown Senator Ted Cruz and House Speaker John Boehner; The LA Jewish Journal compared the Tea Party to terrorists; on the pages of The Washington Post, Cruz was described as “Ted bin Laden,” the GOP was compared to a mafia crime family, and the suggestion was made that Cruz should be machine-gunned to death.

At the beginning of the month, The Washington Post found “Line ’em up and shoot ’em,” as a publishable suggestion to “punish congress.”

Late last week, a New Yorker writer compared Ted Cruz to OJ Simpson, and the GOP to hostage takers and suicidal murderers; CNN lashed out at the Values Voter summit as “anti-gay,” and the Daily Beast’s Tina Brown referred to Mitch McConnell as Rand Paul’s “bitch.” Just last week on CNN, Brown compared the GOP to terrorists in “suicide vests.”

Per the usual, the media’s anti-science claims of Tea Party racism are too many to count. Politico taunting the GOP as segregationists was especially notable.

If you’ll note, those spewing this violent rhetoric are all members of the media elite: Roger Simon, Kathleen Parker, Chris Matthews, Tina Brown, Ryan Lizza… And yet, what rhetoric did the media obsess over yesterday? Not the ugliness among their own, but a single no-name idiot at a protest who told Obama to “put down the Koran.”

The media standard on violent rhetoric is simple: Any conservative who uses any kind of rhetoric that leaves them open to criticism will be criticized. That is it. You see, there is no standard. It is all about partisan advantage. The violent rhetoric from Obama and Democrats during all of this has almost been as bad as what we are now seeing from the elite media…

…but the problem is some nobody-moron who claimed Obama reads the Koran.


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