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White House Bullied Beckel For Backing Obamacare Delay

White House Bullied Beckel For Backing Obamacare Delay

On Tuesday, Fox News pundit Bob Beckel argued that it “makes logical political sense to delay (Obamacare) a year.” Wednesday night Beckel, a usually reliable advocate for all things Obama, revealed that the White House “bludgeoned him” for the remarks. 

Beckel claims that someone connected with the White House berated him over the phone after making the remarks on “The Five” Tuesday. 

Receiving a bullying phone call from someone at the Obama White House is certainly not unheard of. Early this year Bob Woodward revealed that he had been berated by administration officials over his reporting. Former Clinton advisor Lanny Davis confirmed that he, too, had been on the receiving end of hostile criticism for expressing a critical opinion. 

Watch the segment here: 


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