Video: CNN Covers Up Global Warming Angle In Rescue Report

Video: CNN Covers Up Global Warming Angle In Rescue Report

Below is a four-minute report CNN has broadcast all morning about the rescue of a few dozen Global Warming researchers trapped in the Antarctic ice for 10 days. What is glaringly missing from CNN’s reporting, though, are the words “global” and “warming.” In fact, not once does CNN inform its viewers that these researchers were there to confirm that ice in the Antarctic is melting.

Call it a cover up, call it lying through omission — either way, what you have here is The Most Trusted Name In News choosing not to report the fact that a bunch of  Global Warming researchers who specialize in researching ice in the Antarctic got stuck two weeks into a five week expedition after being trapped in ice their own research said would not be there.  

How is that not news?

It might mean nothing. But the fact that CNN and other media outlets are covering this fact up, instead of explaining it, tells me it can’t be easily explained. Global Warming is a religion to the left and media, and reporting the facts — and  dare I say “science” — of a story like this undermines the faith.

If nothing else, shouldn’t this unexpected ice be good news to those who believe in Global Cooling Global Warming Climate Change?

This is not the way those confident in their beliefs behave. 


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