Poll: NBC, MSNBC Sink to Bottom of Public Trust

Poll: NBC, MSNBC Sink to Bottom of Public Trust

Democratic pollster Public Policy Polling’s annual survey of the American public’s most and least trusted news outlets found that NBC and MSNBC have sunk to the very bottom this year. Only 3% choose either as the networks they trust above all others. Fox News is the most trusted, with 35% choosing the “Fair and Balanced Network.”

PBS came on second with 14%, ABC News third with 11%. CNN and CBS won 9% and 6%, respectively. Tying NBC and MSNBC for last place with 3% was Comedy Central.

Last year, MSNBC earned 8% of those polled and beat CBS, and  both Comedy Central and NBC, who tied at 5%.

MSNBC and NBC News had a terrible 2013. It was a year that closed with number of embarrassing scandals followed by a number of public apologies and firings.

2014 did not start any better. The same day this bad news poll was released, MSNBC president Phil Griffin was forced to publicly apologize for a tweet taunting Republicans as racists.


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