Poll: Fox Remains the Most Trusted Name In News

Poll: Fox Remains the Most Trusted Name In News

Fox News once again found itself at the very top of Public Policy Polling’s annual survey of the most trusted news networks in America. A whopping 35% of those polled trust Fox News more than any other television news outlet. Fox even embarrassed second place. PBS earned that spot with only 14%.

Bringing up the rear are ABC (11%), CNN (9%), CBS (6%), and in dead last with a three-way tie at 3% are NBC, MSNBC, and Comedy Central.

While Fox News also ranks at the top of the “least trusted” television news networks, the “Fair and Balanced” network only earns that title by 33% of those surveyed. That is a stunning failure for the legions dedicated to marginalizing Fox –which includes Media Matters and all the rest of the mainstream media. MSNBC wins 19% of “least trusted,” followed by Comedy Central (11%), CNN (5%), and the rest.

When asked about trusting or not trusting individual networks. Fox News came in second to PBS with 44/42. CNN stayed even at 40/40 — proving once again that the “Most Trusted Name In News” is not.

MSNBC came in dead last and upside down with a brutal 34/44.

This is the fifth year PPP has conducted this survey and the fifth year Fox News has come out on top. 


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